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Nick Nightingale

In 1976, we launched the Resene News – an innovative industry newsletter about all things Resene. Early issues included articles on the Resene paint used on NZ’s Scott Base in Antarctica, new foil wallpaper launched by Mason Handprints and the opening of our first Resene ColorShop in Marion Street, Wellington.

Nick Nightingale

In the intervening 44 years, we consistently released issues, usually four each year. The Resene News is one of the oldest and most consistent trade publications in the world, but it’s now time to welcome our new BlackWhite magazine, which like its forebear is aimed at architects, developers and specifiers as well as the construction and painting industries.

The first issue is awash with colour and showcases the talent and skills of the design, build and decorating communities.

In many ways, Resene the business mirrors Resene News the publication. What was once new and a little bit rough and ready has over time matured and is more urbane and on point. What hasn’t changed is Resene’s raw energy and appetite for innovation and quality and, of course, colour. This is showcased in this first edition.

I hope you take as much pleasure in reading it as I have, although I doubt you will be quite as proud as I am.

Thank you,

Nick Nightingale
Resene Managing Director

Laura Lynn Johnston

During what has truly been a year like no other, one full of struggles and challenges and unimaginable loss, it feels like a precious thing to be able to celebrate the start of something new.

Laura Lynn Johnston

Just like the beloved colour behind its namesake, BlackWhite offers a canvas for showcasing your stories and projects which feature Resene paints, wallpapers, stains and finishes – but in a different way than we have ever been able to before.

This is a magazine created for the industry, by the industry and with the industry – and a publication like this is only possible because of New Zealand and Australia’s remarkably talented and loyal Resene specifiers and users. We are able to share your stories because of the tireless efforts you've already put into creating beautiful, useful and thoughtful projects.

Thank you to everyone that we have featured within the pages of this inaugural issue for sharing your outstanding passion and your commitment to doing things well, where the hallmarks of quality and attention to detail are so clearly present. Your choice to specify and use Resene products as part of that, and the ways in which you have so creatively applied them, never ceases to impress and inspire us. With BlackWhite, we are hoping to return the favour and provide you with fresh colour palettes, clever ideas, handy tips and a range of views to help spark new ideas and ways of looking at problems to uncover solutions.

Happy reading!

Laura Lynn Johnston


BlackWhite magazine

This is a magazine created for the industry, by the industry and with the industry – and a publication like this is only possible because of New Zealand and Australia's remarkably talented and loyal Resene specifiers and users.

If you have a project finished in Resene paints, wood stains or coatings, whether it is strikingly colourful, beautifully tonal, a haven of natural stained and clear finishes, wonderfully unique or anything in between, we'd love to see it and have the opportunity to showcase it. Submit your projects online or email You're welcome to share as many projects as you would like, whenever it suits. We look forward to seeing what you've been busy creating.

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