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Personalised artworks for businesses and homes

Tailored Artworks Pty Ltd - Creating relevance

Artist CEO Sharron Tancred adds the Wow! factor to your corporate or residential space.

Think about the work and effort you put into your environment in order to have everything exactly as you want it. The Resene paint, the furniture, the fixtures and finishes, all carefully chosen with a grand scheme in mind.

But the artworks? Finding ideal matches for your corporate and/or residential space is both difficult and time consuming and invariably you can't find exactly what you want so, you compromise!

Tailored Artworks changes all this
During Sharron’s comprehensive consultation with you, Tailored Artworks Pty Ltd will design unique one of a kind works of art that are specifically tailored to your space. We constantly encourage your participation in this process so that the art will have far more meaning and relevance... to you, your space and your message.

Unique designs are hand painted in Resene paint on walls, custom made panels or on canvas. Colour psychology and elements of corporate branding, such as logos, corporate colours, messages and styling, are utilised to invoke an emotional response - while perfectly matching the decor.

Corporate Artworks: Imagine if you could interpret your business as a piece of art
Tailored Artworks art will tell a story to your staff and clients alike, while reinforcing your company brand and/or message. Through the use of Colour Psychology and design, your art will not only encourage positive emotional responses but also will assist in improving morale.

Residential Artworks: Art that represents you and your home
When you engage Tailored Artworks to create artwork for you, they don’t just regurgitate and recolour existing designs. Instead, they consult extensively with you to ensure that your tastes and desires are accurately reflected through your artwork.

Personalised artworks for businesses and homes

Private Workshops: You or your child can create professional art to match your decor
Tailored Artworks encourage client participation. Their Private Art Workshops for children and/or adults are designed to give a lifetime of lasting memories within unique gallery quality art. Novice adults and even children as young as 18 months old can be art directed, side by side with the artist, creating heirloom art tailored to your life and decor.

Tailored Artworks Guarantee
Tailored Artworks Pty Ltd have set the trend in Australia for “Tailored Art”. Their art gains value over the years. You learn as you go, play a part in your work’s creation and gain art which means something to you and yours therefore making a huge difference to how you feel in your space. It is art for the heart and from the heart, which will match your decor and be loved or they’ll amend it at no extra cost to you.

Sharron uses Resene for artworks on canvas or walls that require a smooth finish. She loves the Resene Multi-finish range and the vibrancy of the colours, and finds the metallics especially beautiful.

Tailored Artworks Pty Ltd

Tailored Artworks Pty Ltd

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Artist's gallery
A wide range of artists are using Resene paints in their work, on everything from interior paintings to tactile artworks and mural masterpieces.

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