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The Roxy

The initial selection of colours focused on true art deco pastels was developed further into deeper and more muted hues to create a mix of contemporary and deco to help make the space warm and inviting.

Resene Paints and the refurbished Roxy cinema

The Roxy (formerly the Capitol) was built in 1928 and was one of the last cinemas converted to ‘talkies’ in about 1932. It was a resoundingly popular suburban theatre in the good old days when one of the few entertainment options for residents was going to the ‘flicks’. The cinema sadly closed in 1964 with the drop in audiences blamed on the introduction of television.

The building was transformed into an early version of a shopping mall but with limited success, before falling into disrepair. It was purchased with a view to recreating the Cinema experience but film making took priority and the forlorn building’s wait continued until 2008 when Jamie and Ann Selkirk and Tania Rodger decided to get stuck in and realise their dream of bringing back the cinema experience in Miramar.

The Roxy movie theatre

The initial selection of colours focused on true art deco pastels was developed further into deeper and more muted hues to create a mix of contemporary and deco to help make the space warm and inviting. Researching art deco rugs and textiles provided inspiration on authentic colour combinations from the period and helped develop themes that would work in different areas of the building.

The aim was to create a different atmosphere, through colour, in every space so there would be the sense of surprise as you moved through the building. These spaces also had to have a connecting element to create a sense of continuity. The Egyptian Papyrus columns designed by Weta on the Cinema walls inspired a green and gold combination as the common element visible in every room.

The refurbished Roxy cinema interior

Developing the colour scheme initially involved creating vignettes on PhotoShop using Weta’s sketchup pictures as a base. When a final design was agreed on, all the colours of the vignettes were matched up to actual Resene paint colours. A small selection of colours were then custom made by Resene to complete the atmosphere of the vignettes. The colours were checked in situ and tweaked in shade and depth to suit.

Resene Environmental Choice approved paints feature inside and out, with the desirable mineral flat finish of Resene AquaShield on the outside, a specialist finish designed with a lotus leaf style effect that helps water bead off the surface keeping it cleaner. In a pleasing sheen contrast, trim and joinery is finished in gloss Resene Enamacryl waterborne enamel. Inside, Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen provides a durable finish throughout complemented by Resene SpaceCote Flat on beams, cornices and ceilings.

Outside Resene Norwegian Blue (slate blue) in full and half strength is paired with Resene Destiny (greyed blue green) and trims of Resene Paprika (raspberry red). Inside strength variations of Resene Washed Green (greyed green) and Resene Alpaca (light white neutral), Resene Half Nullarbor (donkey brown), Resene Fossil (beige), Resene Half Moscow Mule (ochre leather) are accented with Resene Metallics tinted to Resene Milky Way (white gold) and Resene Ignition (soft gold). The design and colours focus on creating a cinema and restaurant experience reminiscent of the 1930s, warm and inviting, with a bit of ‘class’. It was also the last piece of the jigsaw to complete the film infrastructure that has evolved on the Miramar peninsula.

The original cinema built in 1928 provided plenty of inspiration for a modern day interpretation of the Art Deco period that Miramar moviegoers can now sit back and enjoy in comfort.

Architect: Bulleyment Fortune Architects
Building Contractor: PCB
Building Owners: Jamie and Ann Selkirk, Tania Rodger
Business Partners: Valentina and Daminda Dias, Tim Alexander, Jo-Ann Lundon, Jonny Mackenzie
Interior Design: Anita Fijn, Fijn Design; Weta Workshop
Painting Contractor: Rob Easthope, A & D Decorators
Site Manager: Grant Fahey
Resene: Darren Morgan, Wellington Branch Manager, Ben Frean, Wellington Sales Representative Trade Representative
From the Resene News – issue 1/2012

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