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Timber Bleaching

From the Resene ProSelect Technical Information Centre

Bleaching allows you to drastically change the colour of the timber and also makes the ‘white wash’ look much easier to get, as well as getting a different look with coloured stains.

Natural timber colour
Natural timber with white wash stain
With a 'white wash' stain

Bleached timber colour
Bleached timber with a white wash stain
With a 'white wash' stain

Used to bleach the colour of bare timber giving a much lighter bleacher colour appearance and can also be used to help stain ‘take up’ when colouring the timber to a different shade.

We looked at and tested a brand called Rustins Wood Bleach which is imported through GMR Imports in Invercargill

Timber Bleaching

Top of each timber sample unbleached |  a = single bleaching step |  b = second bleaching step.

Bleaching Australian Oak and Ash*aka Tasmanian Oak / Victorian Ash
Bleaching American White Oak and European Oak
Bleaching Matai and Rimu
Bleaching Totara and Ash

Easy to use

Step 1
1. Apply 'A' solution liberally. Leave for no less than 10 minutes.
Step 2
2. Apply 'B' solution liberally. Leave for 2 hours, then wash throughly as directed.
Step 3
3. Apply of one of the recommended Rustins finishes to the lightened wood.
Rustins Wood Bleach

Bleaching Solution Data Sheet Information

Wood Bleach

Two pack bleaching kit for wood based on stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide.

Intended Use
For use on bare wood to make it white or lighter in colour.

Special Features
Removes weather stains and discolourations.

Will only work on bare wood. All varnish, lacquer or polish must be removed before applying the solutions. Old finishes are best removed with Rustin’s Strypit Paint and Varnish Stripper. Remove as much of the old finish as possible with a scraper, then damp the surface again with Strypit and rub with the grain with NO 1 or 2 steel wool. Wipe surface with clean rag and allow to dry.

Apply solution “A” to clean, dry wood with a brush and leave for 10-20 minutes before applying the “B” solution. Some woods will darken when “A” solution is applied. The actual bleaching takes place after application of “B” solution.

One coat of “A” solution followed by a coat of “B” solution.

Drying Time
After application of “B” solution leave for a minimum of 2 hours. If the product dries out it can form crystals which can be very difficult to remove so ensure sufficient solution is applied to prevent drying out.

Re-coating Time
If the wood is very dark or badly stained, repeat application of both solutions after 2 hours.

Application Temp.
Do not use in extreme temperatures.

One Bleaching Kit (500 ml x 2) will bleach approx. 11 sq metres depending on absorbency of wood.


Resene ProSelect has been tested and is compatible with this bleaching system. We recommend a very light sand prior to coating as this helps achieve two things.

  1. Helps to remove any grain raise and also remove deposits that could occur on high density timbers.
  2. Helps remove any residual yellow stain that may have migrated to the surface during drying

Store in a cool dark place, away from sunlight.

Solution “A”; Irritant. Solution “B”; Corrosive, Oxidising. Wear suitable eye/face protection. A full Health and Safety Data Sheet is available on request or on

Clean Up
Clean all equipment with water.


Resene ProSelect Technical Information Centre
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