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Resene X-200 acrylic waterproofing membrane

Architect's memo 15: February 1982

Resene X-200 Acrylic Waterproofing Membrane occupies pride of place in the Resene range of waterproofing products.

Development of this product started several years ago in an effort to replace the bitumen-based Resinac system. Although bitumens have long excelled at waterproofing, adhesion of subsequent colour coats have always been suspect. Within the course of the development programme, elastomeric polymers were evaluated and test marketed in specific areas. The results gained, however, indicated that whilst the elastomeric polymers appear superficially attractive because of their great extensibility, their poor weathering and dirt retention properties were considered sufficient drawbacks to prevent the full commercialisation of this type of technology. Consideration of the elastomeric requirements led us to subscribe to the argument that no coating can stretch over a propagating crack since this would require finite extension between two points that were infinitely close.

There is however, a definite need for a coating to be able to follow the cyclical expansion and contraction of existing cracks and joints. We considered that an expansion of between 100 and 200% would be ample to cope with what will be met in the field. (This represents a 1mm crack opening to between 2 and 3mm).

Maintaining expansions down to this level allows optimisation of weather and dirt resistance.

We therefore ranked the properties required in the coating as follows:

  1. It would require to be based on a highly water-resistant vehicle.
  2. It should develop maximum adhesion to cementitious substrates.
  3. It should be able to achieve maximum film build with a variety of application methods.
  4. It should have inherent durability characteristics such that the aesthetic appearance of the coating matches its waterproofing performance.
  5. It should be able to stretch up to 200% above its original length.

The above parameters have been incorporated into Resene X-200 to the extent that Resene is prepared to guarantee for ten years, the weathering and waterproofing characteristics of the product.

We consider the major advance with this product, to be the fact that most surfaces will be able to be waterproofed and weatherproofed with a two-coat system. Application costs therefore are similar to any two coats of conventional paint, combined with the benefits of multi coat high build systems.

Full technical and application data is available in Resene Data Sheet D62.

Pastel colours are available in any quantity of Resene X-200 and any colour from the Resene colour range at a minimum order size of 200 litres. This equates to surface area of 600 square metres. Selected buildings around the country have been coated in this product and could be available for inspection if desired.

Download as a pdf. (You will need Acrobat Reader).

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