Easy garden project ideas

Resene and Kiwi Gardener have joined forces to provide projects suitable for all DIY'ers to tackle to brighten the great outdoors. We hope that you find them inspiring to brighten up your back yard.

To view some of the how to step by step instructions you will need Acrobat Reader.

Garden project ideas and Resene Paints
Rock & roll

Corner concrete blocks make a modern rockery... view
Painted glazed pot
Painted glazed pot

Metallic masterpiece from a glazed ceramic pot... view
Build a mini-greenhouse for vulnerable plants
Winter warmth

Make a mini greenhouse to protect your plants... view
How to build a simple garden table
Table manners

Build a simple but stylish garden table... view
Garden signs
Garden signs

Make an engraved garden copper plaque... view
Make a garden sieve
Get set to sift

This nifty double sieve can do two jobs... view
High standards
High standards

How to build a raised bed and renovate a deck... view
Making a living table
Making a point

Make this living table... view
Funky plant container
Going potty

Turn a washing machine into a funky container... view
Wall planter
Wall shelf

Create this simple, effective wall planter... view
Body language
Body language

Turn a branch into a work of art... view
Garden project ideas and Resene Paints
Raised bed

How to build a raised garden bed using masonry blocks... view
Garden project ideas and Resene Paints
Master class

Paint a garden Van Gogh masterpiece to enjoy... view
Concrete evidence
Concrete evidence

Use this design to refurbish a concrete patio... view
Build your own obelisk
Build your own obelisk

Build a classical support for your climbers... view
Vegetable planter
Vegetable planter

Build this handy vegetable planter... view
A trompe l'oeil gateway
Tricks with trompe l'oeil

Illusion of space with this faux, mirrored gate... view
decorated garden pots
Work of art pots

Turn an ordinary pot into a work of art... view
Herb seat garden project
Let's be sitting pretty

Create a herb seat using mat-forming thyme... view
Balcony herb planter
Balcony herb planter

These moveable hanging balcony planters... view
Make a garden trellis screen
Moveable trellis screen

Build a trellis screen that is easily removed... view
Hypertufa garden pots
Stone garden pots

Create a faux sandstone wall pot out of hypertufa... view
Make a child's playhouse
Full house

Make a child's fold away playhouse... view
Build a rock solid letter box
Receiving mail

Enhance your gateway - build a rock solid letter box... view
Corrugated cactus wall panel
Cactus wall panel

Turn an old shed wall into a fabulous focal point... view
A drought tolerant border
Drought-tolerant border

Create a low-maintenance, border... view
Decorated pavers
Decorative pavers

Decorate pavers with some stencils... view
Make a garden trellis
Bedhead into a trellis

Make a garden trellis from an old bedhead... view
Painted pots for flowers
Pretty pots for flowers

Paint your pots with vibrant colours... view
Succulents for decoration
Succulent Re-upholster

Re-upholster an old dining chair with succulents... view
Make a planter for pansies
Ready to pop in pansies

How to put together a stunning planter... view
Garden project ideas and Resene Paints
Potted colour

Transform a boring pot into a floral masterpiece... view
Pretty in pink planter
Pretty in pink

Build this planter and support... view
Garden project ideas and Resene Paints
Something fishy

A brightly decorated planter... view
Faux mosaic table
Faux mosaic table

Make this cleverly painted 'mosaic' tabletop... view
Decorate a terracotta pot
Tango with terracotta

This stylish pot adds a tropical touch to your deck... view
Mosaic mailbox
Mosaic mailbox

Make a letter box with a difference... view
Clay pots sculpture
Not only for kids

Make this sleepy Mexican from terracotta pots... view
 a decorative garden wall panel
Wall art work

Decorate a garden wall panel with colourful pots... view
Transform a garden pot
Turn to stone

Transform a planter with a subtle masonry effect... view
Decorated garden pots
Going potty

Paint up a storm with these arty pots... view
Create a hanging garden
Vertical take-off

Create a hanging garden... view
Painting panel
Off the wall

Paint an artistic wall panel of canna lillies... view
Making an archway
Arch construction
How to make a wooden garden arch... view
How to build a tomato frame
Tomatoes on tap

Self watering tomato planter... view
Bird scarer
Bird botherer

Protect fruit from birds with this bird scarer... view
Tune up time with wind chimes
Tune up time

How to make wind chimes for your garden... view
Easy ideas for outdoor summer living
Living is easy

DIY ideas for simple outdoor living... view
Christmas gift ideas to make
Fill Santa's sack

Here are 6 easy to make Christmas gifts... view
Spruce up for spring
Spruce up for spring

Spruce up your garden features for spring... view
Decorated glass panel
Colour with glass

Create an eye catching stained glass panel... view
Make plant tags
Make plant tags

Great ways of naming plants... view
Roofed bird feeder
Home comforts

Make this roofed bird feeder to keep their food dry... view
Build a bamboo screen
Build a bamboo screen

How to build a garden screen... view
Mosaic house number
Mosaic house number

A new twist to painting by numbers... view
a jazzy makeover to an old pot
In great shapes

Create a jazzy makeover to an old pot... view
Dressing up pots
Dressing up pots

Give pots a makeover by pasting and painting... view
Soloar light feature
Let there be light

How to make a solar light into a wall feature... view
Transform a terracotta pot
Touch of the blues

Transform a terracotta pot... view
Make your own worm farm
Worm farm

How to make a worm farm... view
Build a gabion seat
Build a gabion bench

Build a 'rock baskets' gabion seat... view
Make a glass pebble pot
Make a glass pebble pot

Make this pretty glass pebble pot... view
Make a funky house number
Numbers up

Make this funky house number... view
Make a personalised house number
Personalised plate

Make a feature of your house number... view
Make a mailbox
Mailbox magic

Make a mailbox with character... view
Make a tin can man
Tin can man

A fun garden project for all the family... view
Mad on mosaics
Mad on mosaics

Ideas for mosaics for the whole family... view
Paint a planter to create a clever optical illusion
Seen or scene

Paint a planter to create an optical illusion... view
Become creative
Get creative

Inspiring ideas for DIY backyard art... view
Redecorate pots
Pots of options

Recycle old containers as bulb planters... view
Plant display shelf
Plant display shelf

Create an eye catching display case... view
Paint a pet
Paint a pet

Add fun to your garden... view
Herb planter
Star with stripes

Make this pretty handy planter for your herbs... view
Making a sundial
Make a sundial

Make this traditional sundial... view
Frame for climbing plants
Top tub

Recycled vegetable and herb planter... view
Making a statue
Body and soul

Make this garden statue... view
Building a garden fence
Build a barrier

Make a windbreak or garden screen... view
Rope trick
Rope trick

Create this crafty container... view
Painting a garden shed
Decorate that shed

Turn a wooden shed into a work of art... view
Making a decorative exterior wall panel
Leaf panel

Paint this leafy panel... view
Painting garden pots
Make spring a splash

Painting garden pots... view
Decorate a pot with buttons
Button bright

Decorate with buttons... view
Mosaic seat
Bench mark

Create a mosaic seat... view
In from the cold
In from the cold

Make a cold frame for seedlings... view
Create a simple sculpture
Simple sculpture

A terracotta tower... view
Bronze statue
Simple sculpture

Create a this stunning bronze statue... view
Hanging bracket
Hang'em up

Build a funky hanging bracket... view
Make a bird house and feeder
Penthouse tweet

Make yourself an attractive bird house... view
Painting garden pots
Potted colour

Paint your garden pots and create masterpieces... view
Strawberry planter
Strawberry planter

Construct this space saving strawberry planter... view
Decorative stool
Standing tall

Decorated stool and pot make a focal point... view
Garden project
Fern imprints

Make these fern pictures... view
Resene crackle effect for creative antique look garden pots.
Crackle effect pots

Creative antique look for garden pots... view
Create a coastal inspired sculpture
Beside the seaside

Create coastal inspired sculpture... view
Portable patio fountain
Portable patio fountain

How to make a water fountain... view
Trompe l'oeil window
Trompe l'oeil window

Decorated 'window'... view
Painting flower box
Garden box of beauty

Making a box to display pots of potted colour... view
DIY Worsel Gummidge

Make a scarecrow with moveable limbs... view
Faux-mosaic house number
House number

Paint this faux-mosaic house number... view
Chilli pot
Chilli pot

Make this decorated pot with painted chillis... view
Copper fig planter
Copper fig planter

Create a copper effect on this planter... view
In the tree tops
In the tree tops

Norfolk Pine wooden sculpture... view
Making a hued difference
Making a hued difference

Use bubblewrap to decorate this pot with effect... view
Decorate a watering can
Flash trash

Decorate a watering can with cyclamens... view
Build a fantastic bean frame
For the beans

Construct this colourful bean trellis frame... view
Plant bookcase
Plant bookcase

Space saving way to display your plants... view
How to build a bench
Please be seated

Build this Mediterranean courtyard bench... view
How to make a moveable vegetable planter
Meals on wheels

A moveable veggie planter to wheel around... view
Place in the sun
Place in the sun

Create this artistic screen of the sun's rays... view
Make this mosaic sunflower
Sunny side up

Make this mosaic sunflower... view
How to make a runner bean frame
You've been framed

Make this strong runner bean frame... view
Raised bed for vegetables
Raised vegetable bed

Build these palings into raised garden bed... view
A balcony herb planter
Balcony herb planter

Moveable planter boxes on the balcony handrail... view
New use for old tyres
New use for old tyres

Cost free containers from painting tyres... view
Make a mosaic house number
Out on the tiles

Mosaic house number... view
Built with bamboo
Built with bamboo

Use bamboo for stakes, fences, screens... view
Build a bin
No sawing compost bin

Compost bin made from fence palings... view
Storage ideas
Storage ideas

Clever storage tips... view
Tools ordered
Tidy tools

Organise your tools... view
Ideas for compost
Compost matters

Ideas for making home compost... view

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