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Take a seat

Reupholster an old dining chair with funky echeverias. Xanthe White shows how it’s done.

You will need: An old chair with a removable seat, chicken wire and tin snips, gun stapler, red paint and paintbrush, weedmat, sphagnum moss, quality potting mix, echeverias and white pebbles.

For painting the chair Resene Lumbersider is ideal. Apply two coats and allow to dry.

As seen in kiwigardener

Step 1 Step one
Remove the upholstered seat of the chair and cut a piece of chicken wire to form the new planter seat.
Step 2 Step two
Use a gun stapler to staple the chicken wire to the chair. Bend over any excess wire so that it is concealed.
Step 3 Step three
Paint the chair your choice of colour. Resene Lumbersider is ideal. Apply two coats and allow to dry.
Step 4 Step four
Use the old cushion as a template to cut out a piece of weedmat. This will help to retain moisture in the moss.
Step 5 Step five
Line the chicken wire with the piece of weedmat and then fill the seat base with sphagnum moss.
Step 6 Step six
Add a bucket of good quality potting mix to the top of the wet moss. Spread out evenly.
Step 7 Step seven
Plant a selection of succulents in the potting mix. Xanthe chose pink-edged echeverias.
Step 8 Step eight
Finish the chair by tucking decorative white pebbles into the gaps between the echeverias.

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