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Deck pond and planter

From NZ Gardener magazine

Rose Hughes constructs a compact, colourful aquatic feature.

You will need: for the pond three metres of 240mm x 25mm dressed pine, base 1 sheet of 17mm ply, feet 700mm of 50mm x 50mm h3 treated pine, Selleys 3 in 1 clear, ADOS adhesive, 6g x 32mm screws, straight edge, drop saw, skilsaw, sandpaper, drill, bit and countersink bit, tape measure, pencil, Cemix pond & trough waterproofer, undercoat, paint and brushes, solar water feature (optional), cutting list for the pond 2 x 900mm x 240mm – sides 2 x 380mm x 240mm – ends 1 x 380mm x 210mm – divider base 862mm x 380mm feet 2 x 350mm.

Cost: $200 excluding plants and the solar fountain (about $20 online).

Step 1 how to make a deck pond Step 1
Cut the timber to size. Mark, drill and countersink the drill screw holes to the bottom and sides of the side panels. Mark, drill and countersink the screw holes to the bottom of the end panels.
Step 2 how to make a deck pond Step 2
Apply the ADOS contact adhesive to the long edge of the base and one side panel. Position so that the side is centred on the base and attach with screws. Repeat for the other side panel. Glue and attach the end panels. Clamp or apply pressure to get a good bond.
Step 3a how to make a deck pond Step 3a
Mark the position for the garden area approximately 300mm from one end. Drill and countersink screw holes to sides and base. Glue and screw into position.
Step 3b how to make a deck pond Step 3b
Attach the feet from the inside.
Step 4a how to make a deck pond Step 4a
a. Silicon seal all of the joins. Allow to dry. Mask the top edge of the box.
Step 4b how to make a deck pond Step 4b
Then, following the instructions, apply two coats of the Cemix Pond & Trough Waterproofer. Allow to dry between coats and cure for seven days.
Step 5 how to make a deck pond Step 5
Fill the screw holes, allow to dry, then sand. Undercoat the exterior of the pond with Resene Quick Dry Primer. I used a metallic paint for this project. Apply a coat of Resene Lumbersider then the top coat. I used Resene Lumbersider in Resene Optimist and an Resene Enamacryl Metallic top coat in Resene Yeehaa.
Step 6 how to make a deck pond Step 6
Drill a few holes in the base of the garden area. Fill with potting mix and plant up. Add water plants and a solar powered fountain.

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