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Insect house

From NZ Gardener magazine

Rose Hughes shows how to build a cosy bug hotel to hang in a quiet corner of your garden.

Build an insect house for your garden

You will need:

  • 1.5m 200mm x 25mm treated pine
  • 340mm x 20mm - 5mm hardboard or similar
  • 2 x 38mm angle brackets
  • Bamboo – cut to 145mm pieces
  • 2 x small hooks & eyes & chain (optional)
  • Small nails, wood glue, sandpaper
  • Drop saw, clamps, paintbrushes
  • Resene Quick Dry Primer
  • Resene test pots

Cutting list:

  • Sides – 2 x 250mm,
  • Floor –1x160mm,Roof–2x200mm,
  • Front –1x190mm
  • From an offcut of 5mm hardboard Back – 340mm x 20mm

Cost: Approximately $40, excluding the paint.

Step 1

Step one:
Cut the timber. Narrow the sides, and floor to 150mm wide. Narrow the front 2 to 160mm. Sand well. Cut a 45-degree angle to one short edge of each side piece. Glue and clamp the floor in place between the two sides. Allow to dry.

Step 2

Step two:
Cut a 45-degree angle to one short edge of each roof piece. Glue and clamp the roof angles together. Allow to dry. Attach 2 angle brackets to the inner face of the roof 60mm in from the edges.

Step 3

Step three:
Mark the inside of the side 125mm up from the floor. Mark the centre of the front. With the carcass lying flat, slide the front down to meet the side mark. Centre the roof and mark the shape on the front. Cut the angles. Glue the front into position and clamp. Allow to dry.

Step 4

Step four
Mark the shape of the back onto the offcut. Cut out and attach the back with wood glue and small nails. Sand all surfaces well. Paint all the exterior surfaces with the Resene Quick Dry Primer and topcoat in your chosen colours. I used Endeavour, Valour and Fomo.

Step four continued...  Attach the roof with wood glue and allow to dry. Insert the bamboo. Attach a picture hanger to the back. Make a sign (optional) and hang off small hooks inserted into the roof.

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