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Tipsy pot tower

From NZ Gardener magazine

Rose Hughes’ latest project would brighten up any garden corner, balcony or deck. Plant up the pots with perennial herbs or cascading flowers.

Pot plant and bird bath

You will need:

  • 1 each of 21cm, 28cm & 31cm terracotta saucers
  • 1 x 27cm terracotta pot
  • 1 x 19cm terracotta pot
  • 4 x 17cm terracotta pots
  • 1250mm x 12mm galvanised threaded rod
  • 5 x M12 galvanised hexnuts

Cost: Approximately $85 excluding paint, plants and bird.

Step one:  Mark the centre on the base saucer and the bird bath base saucer with masking tape. Soak the saucers for half an hour in clean water. Using the masonry bit, carefully drill a hole. Add water to the drill hole as you proceed to keep the bit cool and aid drilling.

Step two:  Coat the pots and saucers inside and out with Resene Terracotta Sealer. Allow to dry. Apply two topcoats to the exterior of the pots with your chosen colour – I used Tomorrow. Once dry, overcoat with Resene Concrete Clear (I used Satin). This will provide added protection from the elements.

Step 1 Step one
Step 2 Step two
Step 3 Step three
Step 4 Step four

Step three:  If required, cut the threaded rod down to 1250mm with the hacksaw. Start the assembly by placing a hex nut about 20mm up from the bottom of the rod. Add a washer, the base saucer, the big pot, a washer and another hex nut. Carefully tighten the hex nuts so that the saucer and the pot are held together well.

Step four:  Add a hex nut from the top down to just above the lip of the big pot and place a washer on top. Slide the next pot down the rod and position. Add the remaining pots with their bases sitting on the pot below and the rod lying against the side. Finally add a hex nut, washer and the bird bath base saucer with another washer and hex nut to hold this in place. The potting mix and plants will hold the pots in position.

Photos: Rose Hughes

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