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Bat roosting box

From NZ Gardener magazine

This easy DIY project, from Rose Hughes, will provide a roosting and resting site for a rare and threatened native bat.

Make a bat roosting box

You will need:

Cutting list:
Back: 1 x 450mm, Centre: 1 x 330mm, Front: 1 x 210mm, Rails: 1 x 330mm, Roof: 1 x 250mm (width reduced to 160mm).

Cost: approx. $10 excluding paint.

Step 1 Step one
Cut the timber as per the cutting list. Cut 2 x 20mm wide lengths off 330mm rail. Shorten the remaining rail to 210mm and cut 2 x 15mm lengths off.
Step 2 Step two
Match the centre and front with their rails. Drill, countersink and screw the rails to the front. Matching the top edge, drill, countersink and screw the centre piece to the front railed side, avoiding the rail screws.
Step 3 Step three
Drill, countersink and screw the rails to the centre piece. Attach the back piece to the centre rails, avoiding the rail screws. Drill, countersink and screw the roof on. Sand any rough edges
Step 4 Step four
Paint any surfaces that the bats won’t come into contact with. I used Resene Waterborne Woodsman in Pickled Bluewood and added a bat stencil for fun. To hang, I used screws each side and picture hanging wire.

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