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Diy upcycled christmas trees

from nz gardener magazine

Rose Hughes turns an old pallet into evergreen festive trees.

You will need:

  • Old pallets – choose one with a central strut
  • Ply offcuts for stars
  • Hand saw, skill saw, jig saw
  • Straight edge
  • Screwdriver and bits
  • Tape measure and pencil
  • Wood filler and sandpaper
  • 8g x 50mm screws, 8g x 25 screws
  • Resene Quick Dry Primer, test pots and brushes
  • Seed lights and fairy lights (optional).

Star detail

Make a christmas tree from an old pallet

Step 1Step one
Lay the pallet flat, at the top, one board down from the edge, mark the centre. Mark the width of the tree base on the bottom board. Use the straight edge to mark the cuts.
Step 2Step two
Cut through each board carefully using the skill saw until you get to the top. Cut through this one only as far as the central strut. Turn the pallet and use the hand saw to cut the board though to the strut. Remove the uncut top board.
Step 3Step three
Cut two 250mm pieces from one of the discarded pallet boards. Screw to each side of the central strut at the base of the tree. Cut one length at 400mm, halve lengthwise and screw to each side of the base to make a stand.
Step 4Step four
Download and print a star template. Mark the star onto the ply and cut out using the jigsaw. Sand well. Undercoat with Resene Quick Dry Primer and top coat. I used Resene Pohutukawa.
Step 5Step five
Paint the tree. I used Resene Waterborne Woodsman stain in Evergreen and Japanese Maple. Screw the star into position at the top of the tree. Fill the screw hole, sand when dry and re-topcoat.
Step 6Step six
Add as many lights and decorations as you like!

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