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Gutter garden

From NZ Gardener magazine

Rose Hughes turns a simple piece of PVC spouting into a pretty planter.

You will need: Length of PVC gutter (spouting), right and left end caps and brackets, welding solvent, handsaw, drill and small bit, screws for the PVC brackets paint test pots, masking tape/ spare card (stencil), paintbrush/stencil brush.

Optional: Length of 20mm x 3mm aluminium bar, hacksaw, wood vice.

Cost: $80 excluding paint and plants (includes the option of the aluminium brackets).

Step 1 Step one
Work out the length(s) of gutter that you need and cut. Tidy the cut edges, apply the welding solvent as per the instructions and attach the end caps.
Step 2 Step two
Drill a series of small drainage holes at each end. Apply two coats of main colour paint to the gutter and brackets. I used Resene’s Full Monty and Limerick.
Step 3 Step three
I found a suitable image online and made the stencils out of card. Masking tape the stencils into position and apply paint using a stencil brush. Allow to dry.
Step 4 Step four
If you want to hook the gutter over a deck railing or the edge of a balcony, measure and bend the aluminium bar to fit, cut and duplicate for the second bracket. Paint the front faces to match the garden.
Step 5 Step five
You can also paint and attach the gutter brackets to a vertical wall or fence. Use two or three lengths of gutter stacked horizontally to make a tiered garden; a great way to cover a tired fence, or create extra growing space.
Step 6 Finished garden planter

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