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Succulent hanger

Winter might be here, but you can still create a bright spot with a little bit of handiwork.

Succulent hanger

You will need:

Top tip: Water the succulents as and when they need it, taking care not to overwater. When growing directly in moss like this, they may benefit from an occasional feed with appropriate fertiliser.

To get the look: Mark painted the background walls with Resene SpaceCote flat tinted to Resene Dutch White.

As seen in kiwigardener

Step 1 Step one
Measure, mark and cut the knotty pine into five pieces measuring 170mm x 170mm.
Step 2 Step two
Mark the centre of each square and cut out a 90mm hole, as shown. For safety reasons, clamp the wood firmly to a workbench while cutting each hole.
Step 3 Step three
Smooth any rough edges with sandpaper and wipe off any sanding dust with a clean cloth.
Step 4 Step four
Place the ruler across one of the squares of wood diagonally and make a mark 20mm in from each corner. Make a small hole on each of these marks with a hammer and nail.
Step four continued: Repeat so that four of the pieces of wood have four holes on each side and the remaining piece of wood has four holes on one side only (this piece will form the bottom layer of the hanger).
Step 5 Step five
Apply one coat of Resene Cherrywood to one face of each of the squares, brushing in the direction of the grain.
Step 6 Step six
Allow the stain to penetrate the wood and, once the depth of colour has been achieved, remove the excess stain with a clean cloth. Repeat steps five and six until every surface of each of the squares has been stained. Allow to dry for four hours.
Step 7 Step seven
Apply three coats of Resene Aquaclear satin to each surface of the wooden squares, allowing two hours for each coat to dry.
Step 8 Step eight
Screw the curtains eyes into the holes made in step four.
Step 9 Step nine
Remove the inner lid seals from each of the preserving jars, as shown.
Step 10 Step ten
Mix the epoxy glue according to manufacturer’s recommendations and glue the jars into the holes, as shown. Allow glue to dry.
Step 11 Step eleven
Cut four 450mm lengths of chain and 16 x 200mm lengths of chain.
Step 12 Step twelve
Fill each jar with Egmont Magic Moss with Seaweed and make a small ‘well’ in the centre of each.
Step 13 Step thirteen
Take the first small succulent out of its pot and carefully remove as much potting mix as you can. Place the roots of the succulent into the ‘well’ and then place a little more Egmont Magic Moss with Seaweed around the base of the plant. Repeat this with the other succulents.
Step 14 Step fourteen
Take the top layer of the hanger and carefully open up the curtain eyes with the pliers. Loop the ends of the 450mm lengths of chain through the opened curtain eyes and then reclose with the pliers.
Step 15 Step fifteen
Screw four cup hooks in a small square formation into the ceiling, as shown, and loop the other ends of the 450mm lengths of chain through these. The top layer of the hanger should now be suspended.
Step 16 Step sixteen
In the same way, hang four 200mm lengths of chain through the curtain eyes on the underside on the top layer and then attach the second layer to these. Continue until all five layers are suspended.

Words and photos by Mark Rayner

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