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DIY water feature

Create a simple and stylish mini water feature using mortar mix and timber.

You will need: 50mm exterior screws, 50mm x 50mm timber (approx. 1m), 2.4m fence paling (x2), offcut of wood for levelling mortar mix, black plastic box – ours measured approx. 350mm (w) x 350mm (d) x 270mm (h), clean water, container for mixing mortar mix, drill, flat piece of cladding or plywood, mortar mix (approx. 50kg) and water, paintbrush, plastic rubbish bag, pencil, Resene Limelock, Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Cut Glass, saw, screwdriver, set square, tape measure, trowel.

Top tip: To look its best, position the water feature on a stable, level surface and keep the water level at just below the bottom of the inner rim.

To get the look: Mark painted the background wall with Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Unwind.

As seen in kiwigardener

Step 1 - measure and mark Step one
Measure, mark and cut the 50mm x 50mm timber into four 250mm lengths.
Step 2 - assemble pieces Step two
Assemble these pieces into a square fixing at each corner with a 50mm screw, drilling through at an angle from the top, as shown. Use the set square to ensure the corners are at 90 degrees.
Step 3 - measure and mark Step three
Measure, mark and cut eight 480mm lengths from the fence palings and four pieces measuring approximately 40mm x 480mm.
Step 4 - assemble pieces Step four
Assemble four of these lengths to form a square, as shown, fixing at each corner with two 50mm screws.
Step 5 - laying out the rubbish bag Step five
Lay the plastic rubbish bag over the flat piece of cladding or plywood, and place the two square wooden frames on top, as shown.
Step 6 - add mortar mix between frames Step six
Mix some of the mortar mix to a fairly wet consistency and trowel into the gap between the two frames, as shown, ensuring the mortar mix is level and smooth. Allow to firm up overnight.
Step 7 - unscrewing the central frame Step seven
Unscrew the central frame and carefully remove each piece of wood.
Step 8 - repeat step 4 Step eight
Repeat step four, creating a second box frame, and place this on top of the original box frame, fixing at each corner with an angled screw. Fit the remaining four smaller lengths of wood on top of this and then place the plastic box upside down in the centre, as shown. The height of the complete box framing should be above the level of the base of the upturned plastic box.
Step 9 - using the mortar mix Step nine
Mix some more mortar mix to a fairly wet consistency and carefully trowel into the gap between the sides of the plastic box and the box framing, ensuring the mix fills the space completely. Continue until the mortar mix is at the top edge of the box framing.
Step 10 - levelling the mortar mix Step ten
Carefully level the top of the mortar mix with an offcut of wood, as shown. Allow to firm up overnight.
Step 11 - remove box framing Step eleven
Turn the water feature the right way up and carefully unscrew and remove the box framing piece by piece.
Step 12 - applying Resene Limelock Step twelve
Apply one coat of Resene Limelock to the outer sides and the top and inner rim of the water feature. Allow to dry.
Step 13 - paint the water feature Step thirteen
Apply two coats of Resene Cut Glass to the outer sides, and the top and inner rim of the water feature. Allow a minimum of two hours for each coat to dry.
Finished water feature Finished Project

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