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Pallet plant pot shelf

Hammering, sawing painting and gardening, all in one project.

These upcycled pallet shelves would be great to display plants outside your classroom on a fence. They are useful for starting off succulent cuttings, too, as it keeps them out of reach of slugs and snails. You could cable tie a shelf to a wire fence or screw it to a wooden fence.

Tin pots planted with pansies or on the right in plastic containers, an ideal garden for anyone who forgets to water their plants. I left the shelf with the branch on it unpainted and added some succulent cuttings in plant pots. I just need to find a space to fasten it to now.

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Step 1 how make shelving from pallets

Step 1
Ask an adult to help you get the pallet ready. I removed all of the front panels from a small pallet, and then the middle ones from the back, too. I nailed two of the cross sections onto the pallet structure to create a frame.

Step 2 how make shelving from pallets

Step 2
You may be able to reuse the old nails from the pallet.

Step 3 how make shelving from pallets

Step 3
Make the uprights taller than your tins. I sat one of my tin cans on the frame to see how tall the upright sections needed to be.

Step 4 how make shelving from pallets

Step 4
You could use the offcuts to make more shelves. By sawing through the upright sections of the pallet, above the height of the tin, I created my shelves.

Step 5 how make shelving from pallets

Step 5
To stop the tin cans falling off the shelves I nailed a thin piece of timber and a branch from a pruned tree across the front. You can fit lots of tin cans or plant pots on your shelves.

Step 6 how make shelving from pallets

Step 6
What else could you use to pot your plants up in?

Step 7 how make shelving from pallets

Step 7
Drainage holes are important. If you are using tin cans only use ones without a sharp edge on the top. Create drainage holes in the bottom with a nail.

Step 8 how make shelving from pallets

Step 8
What is your favourite colour? Give the can a gentle sandpaper and wipe with a soft damp cloth before painting in your chosen colour. Don't forget to use newspaper to paint on and wash your brushes afterwards so you can use them again.

Step 9 how make shelving from pallets

Step 9
Painting the shelf. I wanted my tin cans to look really bright so I painted the pallet shelf black. Leave the paint to dry.

Step 10 how make shelving from pallets

Step 10
As always, be gentle with the plant. Half-fill the cans with potting mix and plant with a small potted colour plant (the six-cell ones have nice small roots that fit well in a can).

Step 11 how make shelving from pallets

Step 11
Remove any dead flowers or seed heads to keep the plant flowering. Make sure you remember to water your plants as well.

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