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Summer shades

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If your aim is to create a room exuding peace and tranquillity, blue is your go-to colour.

Summer blues and yellows

Proven to promote relaxation, reduce stress and create a sense of calm and order, it’s a great choice for any room you want to really kick back in. Choose deeper muddier hues for fashion longevity, and use textured accessories such as vintage and ethnic furnishings to balance the impact of bolder blues.

Be inspired by places you’ve loved. The colours of sand, sea sand and surf complement each other so perfectly in nature, so why not go for an already proven formula?

Get cushy. There is no easier way to create a comfortable and welcoming space, or to refresh a tired room, than with cushions. You can never have too many! If your sofa or chair is a standout then don’t overdo it, but if you want to disguise or add character to something plain then use some eye-catching cushions and a textured throw to weave some magic. Layer them up casually; the last thing you want is a pristine perfect row. My only cushion rule is don’t fall into the trap of a matching set. Choose a palette of colours you like that will complement your wall hue, and go from there.

Pink and blues in the bedroom

Using pink

A girly room doesn’t have to mean swathes of pink. Here, pink becomes an accent. If you choose to use more pink, keep the tones turned down a notch or two so it’s not sickly sweet. There are plenty of gorgeous pinks with slightly muddy undertones that look great on walls. Then you can layer up a collection of pinks from pale pastel through to vibrant neon.

Tip: A coat of paint or wallpaper are great ways to cover drawer fronts to update a tired dresser.

Note: Whether you paint the skirtings the same colour as the walls or choose a lighter colour for contrast, use Resene Lustacryl, a semi-gloss waterborne enamel, to make them more damage resistant.

Summery accesorise


It’s all in the details. Cute-as-a-button accessories can be statement pieces on their own or grouped for impact. A simple bowl of lemons will give the room a summery look.

Tip: If you can’t find plant holders you like in the shops, make your own. Just remove old labels from tins and jars, and clean them thoroughly (jars go well through the dishwasher). Then get your paint on; it’s the it’s the perfect job for a few Resene testpots.

Painted furniture

Painted furniture

Consider big blocks of colour – bold and bright, or soft and muted. While walls are a great place to start, don’t limit yourself. Furniture and accessories can also be completely transformed with a coat of paint.

Tip: Experiment with colour placement. You can paint furniture all one colour or colour block the drawer fronts.

Tip: Pastels can be either muted or quite icy gelato-style shades. It’s best to stick to one or the other when compiling a scheme.

Note: Use Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen on your walls for the most durable option or Resene Zylone Sheen, which also has a VOC Free option.


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Words: LeeAnn Yare. Pictures: Larnie Nicolson.

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