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Answers to your questions from our colour experts, p. 131

Here's a taste of some of the Colour Expert questions and answers to help you with your own colour scheme.

If you would like more colour advice for your project, please ask our Colour Expert for help or come in and see our staff at your local Resene ColorShop or Reseller. Colours are a representation only.


Q&A   p. 131

Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.

Q. We are painting our two year old’s room Resene Half House White and Resene Half Spanish Green.

The original colour is like a cream yellow kind of colour. We have applied the first three coats on half of the wall with Resene House White, which is looking a little purple.

Just seeking advice on how to get it white from here? Also do you think we'll have the same issue with the Resene Spanish Green colour?

A. Resene House White and Resene Half House White have a magenta tint in it which in shadowy or dimly lit places like south facing bedrooms or hallways can look cooler/take on a lilac hue. I don’t think after three coats the underlying yellow is affecting the final colour too much, rather the current lighting and possibly reflection from the other colour.

If you were wanting to achieve a white finish, I suggest trying a purer white without too much tinter in it such as Resene Alabaster or Resene Black White.

January 2024

Q. I have a two storey eighties orangish to charcoal mottled brick house. Could you please suggest colours to use on trim; guttering, fascia, downpipes and a 600mm deep fascia below the deck, between the ground and top storey. The deck balustrade will be replaced with frameless glass. I know very dark grey would look okay, but please not grey.

A. See if any of these colours work for you – Resene Oilskin, Resene Otter, Resene Nomad, Resene Sandspit Brown, Resene Awaroa Bay, Resene Bokara Grey or Resene Masala.

I would paint all areas the same – and leave the soffit white – there are already the bricks to consider, joinery and roof – so one colour for these areas will work well and will create a cohesive look – otherwise you will create more separation between the lower half and top half of the house.

Other colours to try are: Resene Half Sour Dough, Resene Gold Coast, Resene Albescent White, Resene Kalgoorie Sands, Resene Half Washed Green and Resene Rainee. Choose at least three to try and please paint onto A2 card (two coats) and compare outside before making any decisions – colours appear brighter and lighter outside and undertones are enhanced.

January 2024

Q. I am about to repaint our house. It's currently painted Resene Half Bison Hide with Bronco aluminium joinery. I want to change it up a bit but of course have to match it to the joinery colour. Our roof is Grey Friars. So far I am liking the Resene Truffle range. Do you have any other suggestions? We also have a covered deck and deck railings and copper spouting.

A. I recommend Resene Truffle or Resene Double Truffle – this really is the best option with your joinery. Painting the window surrounds, sills and railings a soft white will also change up the complete appearance – try Resene Half Milk White.

January 2024

Q. I'm painting two bedrooms in Resene Orchid White but considering painting the adjoining hall/ living/kitchen/dining in Resene Half Wheatfield as this space is large and very sunny and I was concerned about white being too blinding in the sun. I'm wondering please what colour do I do the ceiling, skirting boards and doors to match throughout the home please? Do I pick Resene Half Orchid White or something completely different which works with both? I believe the ceiling is currently Resene Quarter Spanish White but I'm wondering if this will be darker than the Resene Orchid White and I thought the rule to painting was the ceiling to be lighter in colour. The ceilings are a higher than standard stud height.

A. Resene Half Orchid White will pair with both Half Wheatfield and Resene Orchid White and I suggest you use this for the ceiling as well.

The trims etc are generally semi-gloss and the ceiling flat – so this also creates contrast.

January 2024

Q. I am looking for a nice green-blue colour to paint my lounge. I’ve been having a look at the Resene charts etc and quite like Resene Emerge. but that might be too grey. But then I thought ask the experts! You might be able to point me in the right direction. If you could help out, I’d be most grateful.

I recently painted my hallway half strength Resene Blanched Pink with Resene Quarter Rice Cake ceiling and trims and it looks a treat. The lounge is the next step. It gets full-blast sun in the afternoons and evenings. It’s a high-ceiling old wooden villa in poor repair – it hasn’t been painted for years.

A. Try Resene Ashanti or Resene Half Robin Egg Blue.

January 2024

Q. Would you please recommend an earthy black? I will be using it on several walls through the house, some rooms get sun others don’t.

A. The most important thing is to paint two coats of a testpot of each colour onto A2 card (available from Resene ColorShops) and move them around the different rooms – as lighting will influence how warm the blacks suggested appear. Try Resene Black Sand, Resene Bokara Grey, Resene Element and Resene Nocturnal.

January 2024

Q. In a 1970s Lockwood house we have a feature wall that has plasterboard. The kitchen behind the wall is in shades of Resene Napa. Previously the wall was painted Resene Eighth Napa. I’m thinking about a stronger look, perhaps a blue tone. What would you suggest?

A. Yes, blues work well with Resene Napa and wood. Consider Resene Biscay, Resene Time Traveller or Resene Watermark.

Resene Watermark
Resene Time Traveller

January 2024

Q. My 1940s weatherboard house is currently being painted with Resene Half Kumutoto on the boards and Resene Alabaster on the bargeboards, door fascias and the box corners. We've gone for Resene Colour Me Pink on the front door to make it pop. And we have Resene Ironsand on the concrete foundation to match the roof flashings up top.

Now, we have a dressed tongue-and-groove fence out front, and I'm wondering what colour we should paint it? The fence has capping and visible posts dividing the sections. I considered neutral/Resene Alabaster, or perhaps a darker tone similar to Resene Half Kumutoto.

A. I suggest painting the fence one colour, rather than creating a feature by painting the capping and timber divisions a contrast – simply because the front door is the feature and the structure of the house. Resene Alabaster will be sharp next to the house colours.

January 2024

Q. I have a plastered chimney on my house and I’m currently repainting my house. The plaster is untinted, so it’s just a nice mid grey. Ideally I would replaster this and tidy it up to go with my new paint job. But I feel there are some resene paint options which could work by just painting the chimney. What colour looks like rendered exterior plaster over time?

A. Without the texture it will be a bit tricky to simulate rendered plaster. Try Resene Half Stack.

January 2024

Q. I am looking for a neutral interior paint suitable for a photography studio. Ideally all RGB values will be the same and fall between 48 and 118. Please advise if you have any specific paint recommendations for neutral studio spaces. I may also need an undercoat to ensure proper neutrality. Any suggestions on how to approach this would be fantastic!

A. RGBs are not a precise measurement of colour as it depends how they are measured. Resene Ship Grey – which has the same RGBs. At the lower range there are some that have all RGB matching – e.g. Charcoal, but this would end up relatively dark, which may not be what you have in mind.

For areas like media rooms, often Resene Silver Chalice is used as the background colour. The RGB of this is lighter than you had requested.

It may be worth looking at Ship Grey, Quarter Fuscous Grey and Silver Chalice as a start point. The Resene ColorShops have A4 swatches of colours to view.

To cover existing colours, the best idea is usually to undercoat with Resene Quick Dry first. I would recommend doing this before you test your new colours as this will help you to see the new colours better.

Finish wise, usually a matte finish is preferred – Resene SpaceCote Flat – to diffuse the light. Many Resene photo shoots are done with Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen (has a little higher sheen).

If you decide you need a lighter colour there are lighter colours available.

January 2024

Q. We are painting the exterior of our house and would love some recommendations on colour. We don’t like the existing colour but feel limited by our roof colour, which we would prefer not to paint if we can help it. The house is plaster, so the heat needs to be factored in. We have cream joinery and would like a light but warm hue.

A. I suggest a warmer, current colour. I don’t feel you can go too light or that will emphasise the windows, deep enough to contrast with the roof but at the same time blending the roof in a bit more to the scheme. Try Resene Coral, Resene Malta, Resene Half Napa, Resene Bronco, Resene Half Akaroa and Resene Pale Oyster. Please note that colours appear up to 30% lighter outside than what you see online or on a chart once they are in the bright sun.

January 2024

Q. I am painting the interior of our kitchen and living areas Resene Double Bianca with Resene Bianca on the trims and ceilings. Can you suggest a colour to paint my kitchen cupboards that will be a gentle contrast? I’m not looking for anything to brown or yellow. I wondered if Resene Thorndon Cream would look OK?

A. Resene Thorndon Cream might look a little muddy next to Resene Double Bianca. I suggest also testing Resene Half Parchment and Resene Creme De La Crème.

January 2024

Q. We're currently repainting our weatherboard house from Resene White to Resene Triple Sea Fog. We love our Resene Half Kumutoto front door but we're not sure it works with the new colour. Can you suggest other ‘aqua’ options, please? We are also happy to go to a bit darker.

A. Muted blues and deeper aquas look good with Resene Triple Sea Fog. Try Resene Ziggurat, Resene Retreat, Resene Idyllic or Resene Freewheeling.

Resene Freewheeling
Resene Idyllic

January 2024

Q. We are looking to paint our beach house. Currently it’s a 90s blend of dark green joinery, roof and cream weatherboards. We are going to replace the joinery, roof colour and garage door colour as well as paint the weatherboards. The colours are undecided other than I know I want it to overall be fresh coastal hues of white/grey. I have played around with Resene Sea Fog, Resene Quarter Grey Chateau or Resene Grey Chateau. Can you advise a possible colour scheme including roof and joinery options?

A. For the roof and gutter I suggest Resene Tuna or Resene Grey Friars. The window joinery which will tone well is Appliance White. This is similar to Resene Sea Fog. The main body of the house and base I suggest using Resene Double Sea Fog or Resene Ted. Colours lighten outside so I generally specify the deeper variants – plus you will want some contrast between the window joinery and walls. Use Resene Half Sea Fog on trims and posts.

January 2024

Q. We're having our weatherboards repainted from Resene White to Resene Triple Sea Fog but on the now finished garage, the colour doesn't have the definite hint of grey that we imagined. It’s looking creamier. Can we tint it to quadruple Resene Sea Fog? Or can you suggest a grey with a similar LRV that doesn't tend to blue/pink/mauve?

A. See if any of these appeal: Resene Quill Grey, Resene Silver Sand, Resene Half Atmosphere, Resene Half Jumbo, Resene Kensington Grey or Resene Quarter Foggy Grey. Some of these might seem a bit deep – but colours can appear up to 30% lighter outside. They are all within good LRV ranges.

January 2024

Q. I’m painting a 1950s rental property in Resene Rice Cake. For the ceiling I would like to go Resene White, Resene Half Rice Cake or Resene Quarter Rice Cake. I’m also looking to paint the doors and trims in Resene Eighth Rice Cake.

A. For the ceiling, doors and trims I suggest using Resene Alabaster to keep the scheme clean and fresh.

January 2024

Q. We are trying to re-paint our 1950 weatherboard house. I am trying to paint the weatherboard in Resene Half Tea as our roof is Ironsand and the trim is Resene Black White. Could you please suggest a colour for the base?

A. To modernise the overall look with the new colour scheme I suggest you paint the base the same as the weatherboards – Resene Half Napa. It really doesn’t need to be a different colour, but if you prefer a contrast, then a subtle contrast is the new approach, so you could consider painting the base Resene Half Napa, Resene Double Tea or Resene Triple Tea.

January 2024

Q. What colour should we paint our deck? It is old and we need to replace some boards so to get uniformity we are going to paint it. We have painted the house Resene Half Sisal and the baseboards are Resene Rivergum. The roof is grey.

A. Consider trying Resene Shuttle Grey, Resene Raven or Resene Half Tuna – investigate Resene Cool Colour paints as this helps to keep the coating cooler underfoot. More information is available online or your local Resene ColorShop team can assist with more information.

January 2024

Q. Our house is a two story weatherboard home with dark brown aluminium (almost Resene Bronze) coloured joinery and a green roof. The house and deck are both in need of painting. I am thinking of painting the house white or just off white. Would that work with the bronze joinery? If I go for a white or off-white paint for the house, what colour should I paint the deck (which is currently a mid-tone brown)?

A. I suggest painting the walls an off white with a little bit of depth to balance between the green roof and bronze joinery such as Resene Triple Merino which will appear lighter outside en masse.

For the deck consider Resene Foggy Grey which will pair with the green and bronze also.

January 2024

Q. We have decided to paint our interior walls Resene Eighth Tea but are unsure what to use for the trim and ceiling. Could you please recommend a complementary white?

A. Resene Quarter Black White works well with Resene Eighth Tea.

January 2024

Q. We currently have red brick. We want to start painting our porch, but need to know what colour the outside of the house will eventually be too to make sure our colours all blend. The roof is new and is Ironsand. The windows are matt white aluminium. The brick is a bit polarising, I’d like it to go but my partner thinks painting brick is a bad idea.

I have had a play with Resene Double Ash on the porch already as it matches some new build palettes in the neighbourhood. It seems a bit dark though. We want to go with white trim around the door and corners etc.

A. Try Resene Half Ash for the walls with Resene Delta for the porch. Alternatively, try Resene Eighth Tapa or Resene Quarter Foggy Grey with Resene Quarter Gravel for the porch.

With Resene Quarter Gravel for the porch you might want to investigate using Resene CoolColour paint to help reflect more heat as darker colours can be hot underfoot – there is more information online regarding Resene CoolColour paint or the team at your local Resene ColorShop can assist with more information.

January 2024

Q. I am getting the interior of an education centre repainted. I will probably change the blue student chairs to lime green, and the messy glass desk is mine. The colours I am thinking of is two window walls and ceiling in Resene Moon Glow, wall behind the desk in Resene Citrus and the last wall which has a door in Resene Hullabaloo.

A. Due to the placement of colour and repeating the lime green onto the chairs will actually make the scheme work well!

Consider Resene First Light for the window walls – it might balance the brighter feature walls a bit better.

January 2024

Q. We need to paint our exterior. We have Arctic White windows and an Ironsand roof and spouting. We were thinking of going lighter than it is currently and more grey-toned than yellow brown. What would you recommend?

A. Yes I agree a soft blue/grey will look modern and work with the Arctic White joinery better. I suggest you try testpots of Resene Midwinter Mist and Resene Concrete. There are deeper variants of Resene Concrete if you wish to try a darker grey.

January 2024

Q. We are renovating a simple 1940s stucco house with timber windows and a COLORSTEEL® roof. The roof is currently Pioneer Red and the house is white with red window trim. We don’t want to keep these colours. We like the idea of having something a little more unique on the walls, and have looked at a few brighter blues, such as Resene Calypso, but these have just turned out to be a bit too bright. We thought we had landed on painting the roof Resene Billabong and using a slightly more neutral colour for the walls. We painted the last house in Resene Coast and for this one would like a lighter colour on the walls but are open to other strong colour combo suggestions.

A. 1940s stucco houses have great bones and are emphasised with deeper colours for the roof and walls – try these combinations – Resene All Black for the roof with Resene Cutty Sark for the stucco walls, keeping the windows and trims a soft white such as Resene Wan White. Or a mid-depth blue for the stucco walls might appeal such as Resene Wayfarer with Resene Element (a warm charcoal) for the roof and Resene Orchid White for the windows and trims.

January 2024

Q. The roof/joinery/brick colour are so dated on this house! What colours for the roof and bricks would you recommend to go with cream joinery?

A. For the roof, fascias and bargeboards – try a dark grey such as Resene Windswept or Resene Grey Friars, with a soft grey such as Resene Silver Chalice or Resene Surrender for the bricks and weatherboards. The soffit and porch eaves I recommend keeping Resene WhiteResene Alabaster will work and match the front door to the roof but in a gloss finish.

January 2024

Q. We are building a house that has a contemporary French feel to it and are stuck on the interior off white colour. We want one colour on the skirtings, walls and ceiling. We want an off white that isn't too light. We looked at Resene Half Blanc, but it comes up with a pinkish hue. We have also looked at Resene Merino and Resene Half Thorndon Cream.

A. Try Resene Milk White. Resene Half Thorndon Cream might be a bit green and Resene Milk White is a little warmer than Resene Merino – however, if you would like a less pristine white try Resene Double Merino.

Resene Cararra is a lovely off white which pairs well with beiges and creams but it is on the lighter side.

January 2024

Q. We have decided on Resene Half Truffle for the exterior of a Summerhill 80s home. What COLORSTEEL® colour would match for the roof and garage doors.

A. Resene Ironsand pairs well with Resene Half Truffle.

January 2024

Q. I have a RGB for a colour. How do I find a Resene equivalent?

A. Enter the RGB numbers into This will give you a range of the closest Resene colours. You can then view large swatches of the colours at your local Resene ColorShop in their colour library.

January 2024

Q. Can Resene wood stains be tinted to Resene Ironsand or is there a stain that is a close match?

A. Resene Woodsman Treehouse pairs well with Resene Ironsand or you might like to investigate Resene Charred Black or Resene Shadow Match – although not an exact match they can work alongside Resene Ironsand. Resene Ironsand is a solid paint colour only.

January 2024

Q. I have bought a wall mural that is black and white. I’m trying to determine what white colour the other walls should be. It’s a small room and will be a study on the south side of the house.

A. The mural is the feature so I suggest a warm neutral for the remaining walls – other obvious options such as a white or a deeper grey are not so suitable for a south facing room. Whites can appear grey and a deeper charcoal might not be uplifting for a study which tends to be used more during the day.

See if any of these Resene colours appeal: Resene Eighth Joss, Resene Serene, Resene Half Tea, Resene Half Truffle or Resene Half Sandspit Brown.

January 2024

Q. We are after some guidance on painting our house exterior. The house is weatherboard, sandstone brick and red bricks with green joinery!

The previous owners decided to only paint half the house (the front facade that’s visible from the road). The side and back of the house was left unpainted. Ideally we’d like to keep the original brick look to have less maintenance in the long run, however, we attempted to strip the paint off a couple of bricks and it seems to be a nightmare. At this stage we are leaning towards giving the whole house a fresh lick of paint and I am struggling for some inspiration. Our thoughts and preference so far is around a light grey and dark grey combo (i.e. Resene Surrender and Resene Double Gravel).

If we were to paint two tone, how far should we take the dark colour up? The levels vary around the house.

A. I suggest painting your house one colour – with the roof being quite steep two tone might make the house visually appear squashed so to speak.

A deeper colour such as Resene Gravel or Resene Double Gravel will blend in the green joinery.

December 2023

Q. We are painting our 1960s cedar weatherboard house exterior walls in Resene Bush (including the vertical cladding). New guttering and downpipes have been ordered in white (Marley Classic). We want to paint the windows, soffits, and fascia white. What white should we use? The background for the house when we arrive is a large area of mature native bush.

A. There are two options really – either paint them a classic white such as Resene Alabaster so they blend in with the guttering and downpipes or soften these features so there is enough depth to distinguish the difference in whites and paint them a soft white such as Resene Merino or Resene Half Merino. Marley can be painted – so you do have the option of painting the guttering and downpipes to match.

Whites do brighten outside.

December 2023

Q. I'm moving away from an all ‘Resene Tea’ interior colour scheme and, in a bedroom that's going to become a recreation room, I've decided to go very white with neutral/natural fibre curtains with flecks of white and furnishings that will have pops of natural greens, ochre, orange etc. I was going to use Resene Alabaster throughout but am worried it might be too white. I’m keen to use it on sills, the door and ceiling. Will it be okay on walls? Also is there's such a thing as white board paint – as I'm thinking of making one wall a whiteboard?

A. Resene Alabaster might be a bit stark with the lovely natural theme you are creating.

Consider a slightly warmer white such as Resene Half Sea Fog or Resene Half Merino – these will pair with Resene Alabaster.

Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen White can be used as a white chalk board with coloured chalk and wipe with a damp cloth, or Resene Write-on Wall Paint is a two component waterborne clear coating that has been designed to produce a whiteboard effect over previously painted or sealed substrates.

December 2023

Q. I'm trying to work out a good colour for my fences to complement the brick/sandstone of my home. They are a pale yellow/cream colour, currently with a red trim on the windows, but I am looking at changing the trim colour too. What would you recommend?

A. I suggest you try a test of Resene Bokara Grey – it has an undertone of red and yellow so it is warm and modern and looks great on fences and with greenery – painting the sills the same (Resene Bokara Grey) will tie the house into the fences.

For a softer colour you might like to try testpots of Resene Boris or Resene Porter.

Resene Boris
Resene Porter

December 2023

Q. I am looking for a white colour to paint the exterior trims on our villa-posts, veranda, front door architrave, corner wall detailing and around windows. The exterior walls are painted in Resene Castle Rock and the roof is Resene Karaka. The window frames are white UPVC material and there is a faux 'frame' etched into the masonry around them that will be painted. I started with Resene Eighth Tana but felt this didn't provide enough contrast. I have bought Resene White but feel this may be too stark or bright. There will be Kwila decking going down shortly too.

A. Try testpots of Resene Quarter Ecru White, Resene Quarter Joanna, Resene Merino or Resene Half Merino.

December 2023

Q. Is it possible to get Resene Ravine in half strength?

A. Resene Helix is Resene Half Ravine.

Resene Helix

December 2023

Q. Just wondering if you could advise me restaining our cedar cladding. We have it currently pained in Resene Timberland but I’m wanting to tone down the red tone to better complement our newly painted roof in Resene Settlement.

A. To tone down the red colour you would need to choose a slightly darker colour with a black tone such as Resene English Walnut or Resene Bushtrack. Trial a small area first using a Resene testpot to ensure the result is what you are looking for.

December 2023

Q. Our kitchen cabinetry is Resene Half Truffle. I'm looking for a wall and ceiling colour that will go with it. The wall and ceiling will be the same colour. The house is not overly sunny. It is a new build and faces southeast. The exterior and joinery is FlaxPod.

A. Try Resene Milk White, Resene Half Milk White or Resene Half Cararra.

December 2023

Q. I need to reroof and repaint my house. It’s going to cost me about half the value of the house so I want to see what colours would modernise the house? The roof will be either COLORSTEEL® Ebony Black matt or FlaxPod (Element) roof matt. Can you advise what red/brown colours match these?

A. I suggest you paint the weatherboards a warm dark charcoal/brown with undertones of red and yellow such as Resene Bokara Grey, Resene Half Bokara Grey, Resene Boris or Resene Kia Kaha – the latter is more of a smoky brown.

They will work with either roof colour – although I suggest FlaxPod as it is warmer and will suit the environment. Consider a warm grey for the base such as Resene Stepping Stone and a red such as Resene Pohutukawa for the front door.

Resene Stepping Stone
Resene Boris
Resene Kia Kaha

December 2023

Q. I am looking for a paint colour one shade darker than Resene Triple Rice Cake to tie in with other Resene Rice Cake colours. Do you have any suggestions? I’m hoping for it not to look too grey or too yellow.

A. Try Resene Thorndon Cream or Resene Double Thorndon Cream.

December 2023

Q. I want to paint the exterior of my house but I am unsure of what colour would be good. I’m not super keen on the colour it already is. I want it to look more modern while also working with muted green window frames/garage door/roof. Do you have any suggestions?

A. See if any of the following Resene colours appeal, I have chosen these as they will complement the green, by blending in with the joinery more, which will modernise the overall appearance. Try Resene Half Tana, Resene Kangaroo, Resene Ravine or Resene Gravel.

I suggest Resene Quarter Joanna for the eaves and fascias.

December 2023

Q. We are building a new house. I am planning a muted mid-tone colour palette (no black or grey), The walls will be either something like Resene Half Tea or Resene Merino I think. I'm currently looking into colours for our kitchen cupboard and draw fronts. The kitchen will be a mix of plywood and a colour with a stainless steel bench. The flooring is cork – a mix of terracotta oranges, caramel, browns. The window joinery is Sandstone Grey. I have been thinking about New Denim Blue – probably in half strength but in some lights it looks just grey. Could you please suggest another couple of muted blue greys that have slightly bluer than Resene New Denim Blue?

A. You might like to try Resene Quarter New Denim Blue or have you tested half strength in the space?

Lighter variants of deeper grey blues sometimes throw bluer. You might also like to try Resene Lynchpin, Resene Bluff, Resene Baring Head, Resene Watermark or Resene Excalibur.

Resene Baring Head
Resene Watermark

December 2023

Q. I am looking for colours to use on feature walls throughout our house. We live in a 1969 Hinuera Stone house currently painted in Resene Rice Cake and Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream trims throughout. We have lots of colour in furnishings. On the outside we have Resene Pravda and Resene Eighth Pravda with the stone.

I like Resene Glorious for the bedroom most likely, perhaps Resene New York Pink (for the dining room), Resene La Bamba, Resene Apple Blossom, Resene Sante Fe or Resene Florentine Pink for the hall. My study is Resene Shilo and I love it so feel these colours will fit in well. Someone had said Resene Coast for the hallway, I do think these dark teal blues go nicely with pinks.

A. I like the direction you are heading towards with colour – consider Resene Glorious for the feature wall in the dining room. Resene Florentine Pink or Resene New York Pink might work for your bedroom. Resene Coast is a fabulous blue – but it might appear a bit dark for your hall – try Resene Time Traveller – it has a bit more life to it. Resene La Bamba is definitely worth trying or Resene Mexican Red is a gorgeous colour.

December 2023

Q. I want to repaint my kitchen which is looking very tired. I am unsure of what colour would match my tiles and walls. Do you have a colour expert who could recommend some ideas and the cost please.

A. I suggest a warm sandy beige to merge with the tiles so they aren’t a feature – such as Resene Open Sesame or a deeper variant such as Resene Gargoyle. Or you might like a grey blue which will work nicely with the timber and take the eye away from the other elements – such as Resene Lynchpin or Resene Bluff.

December 2023

Q. I’m selecting Resene colours for my roof, fence and garage. Do you have any suggestions? I’m considering Ironsand for the roof and garage. Should I paint the fence the same colour or different?

A. Yes I would paint the fence the same – Resene Ironsand – as you have the windows, soffit and bricks as contrast – plus Ironsand will look slightly different on various substrates – so timber to iron for example.

December 2023

Q. We are painting a house in Arrowtown Resene Tea and the roof Resene Ironsand. Is Resene Ironsand too dark? Around the windows is a white square. What shade of white for the square and under the eaves would give us a good contrast?

A. I am assuming as you want a good contrast to the windows and other elements that the windows are also Ironsand. Ironsand is not too dark. I suggest Resene Black White under the eaves and for the square.

December 2023

Q. I’m looking for colours for my weatherboard home. I like the grey/white contrast. The windows are being replaced with white aluminium joinery inserts. I’m not sure what to do with inserts and soffit colours.

A. Grey and white is always a winning combination – I suggest painting the roof a grey such as Resene Grey Friars so this combo will work and then you can paint the weatherboards a light grey such as Resene Concrete or Resene Half Silver Chalice. The gable end can be a deeper variant of the weatherboard colour, so for example, Resene Triple Concrete or Resene Double Silver Chalice – less of a contrast will modernise the scheme. The base can be the same colour as the weatherboards – this will visually extend the house.

The fascias, soffit and inserts I suggest painting white to match the new white aluminium joinery – Resene have matches to most aluminium joinery colours or standard colours which are close.

December 2023

Q. We currently have our house painted in Resene Terrain with Resene Karaka for the detailing. I'm trying to figure out what dark navy/blue would work best with these to paint our door or, would you suggest any other colours for our door?

A. Your idea for a deep blue door is great. Resene Coast will pair well with Resene Karaka and Resene Terrain or you might like to try a deep blue such as Resene Blue Night or consider a blue with a touch of teal such as Resene Epic or Resene Tarawera.

Alternately, when using sage greens – you can brighten the scheme with a Khaki gold such as Resene Grass Hopper.

December 2023

Q. I would like some advice on matching colours. We have a brick and wood panelling house, the panelling is pine with a clear stain (when freshly stained it has a yellow tinge fading to light natural wood after a few months). We have very dark grey joinery called matt gravel and a Lignite garage door. The surface we are painting is brick. Could you suggest some colours for the brick that will tie all of the colours together?

A. If you are keeping the base the same colour then I suggest you go for a deeper colour for the brick such as Resene Bokara Grey or Resene Half Bokara Grey – these colours have an undertone of yellow and red so will pair with all the elements.

Alternately you might want to look at a few lighter colours such as Resene Stonehenge or Resene Triple Truffle.

December 2023

Q. Does Resene do a textured paint that looks like stone or has some texture to it? We have Roman columns made out of fibreglass we want to paint. We are ideally looking for a colour that will look like a Roman column (exterior paint) and have this textured too. There are two big columns we want to paint.

A. Resene Sandtex could be the ideal product as it has a sand like texture and can be tinted to a variation of colours and easy to apply. You need to apply one coat of Resene Quick Dry primer undercoat first.

I suggest you try testpots of Resene Tua Tua, Resene Biscotti, Resene Foundation or Resene Half Drought – you might like to also try a deeper colour such as Resene Awaroa Bay. The texture of Sandtex will make the colour appear slightly different than the testpot but that will add to a more natural look.

Resene Foundation
Resene Tua Tua
Resene Awaroa Bay

December 2023

Q. Is Woodland Grey close in colour to Resene Grey Friars?

A. No it is equivalent to Resene Squall.

December 2023

Q. I want to paint the exterior of my house. My roof is black and my fence is Ironsand? I’m wondering if Resene Half Tapa would work. Or is there a better colour for my roughcast house?

A. With the green setting I think Resene Half Tapa could look stunning! It does look great on roughcast – if you had more of an urban setting I would suggest Resene Double Concrete.

For another option, which looks great with dark greys and on roughcast, and will suit the environment – try Resene Foggy Grey.

December 2023

Q. Our exterior house paint has always been painted in white, what other colour could we consider besides white to complement grey bricks. The roof and window colour is Ironsand. The house gets a lot of sun.

A. Look at the Resene White Pointer family – including Resene White Pointer, Resene Double White Pointer or Resene Triple White Pointer – these are light warm greys which will tone with the joinery and brick.

They are light enough to be painted onto the eaves, fascias and weatherboards.

Resene Triple Black White is another option – slightly cooler – and deeper than standard white.

December 2023

Q. We are repainting our house. We will use the same colour Resene Midnight Moss for the upper area. The lower area and balustrades are pale green. I want to paint the balustrades and deck supports white. I am having trouble with choosing the basement/garage area colour. Could I extend the Resene Midnight Moss to the whole house – I do not want to paint the lower areas white. The garage door is green.

A. Yes definitely paint the bottom level the same as the upper level as you have the white to break it up – especially if you are painting the balustrades and deck supports white. Just make sure a dark colour is recommended for the substrate on the lower area.

December 2023

Q. I am building a new house. The architect is suggesting Resene Merino for the walls, black joinery and a charcoal roof but we have to stay under LRV 35. We want to stay with the joinery and roof but what is the lightest shade under LRV 35 that could suit?

A. The following greys might work – I have listed the LRV next to the colour – this will give you an idea of what type of depth is needed. Try Resene Stack (34), Resene Half Scarpa Flow (31), Resene Trojan (27) or Quarter Chicago (31) (warmer grey). Colours do appear quite a bit lighter outside once in the sun.

December 2023

Q. We are really keen to get some guidance on colours for the exterior of our house (including the walls, roof, deck and supporting beams). I was initially thinking of Resene Lynchpin but am not too sure anymore. We have brown aluminium windows which won’t be changing any time soon.

I also really enjoy styling with bright colours and would love a pink front door. But I’m not sure that Resene Lynchpin plays into these colours?

What roof colour would work with a blue exterior? Would you do a black/charcoal? What colour would you do the deck and supporting beams? Black or a brown?

A. In my opinion Resene Lynchpin will emphasise the window joinery which will date the house.

I suggest a colour that blends more with the joinery and is of mid depth – such as Resene Gauntlet for the main cladding. Try a deeper warm charcoal for the roof like Resene Element with Resene Sea Fog – a soft white for the fascias and soffit including the carport eaves.

The deck and beams I suggest painting the same as the house – Resene Gauntlet so that they merge with the house more – consider Resene CoolColour paint for the deck itself as darker colours can be hotter under foot and it will help to reflect more heat – more information regarding CoolColour paint is available online or at your local Resene ColorShop.

With this scheme you can introduce a pink onto the front door – a soft pink such as Resene Contented could look stunning or if you prefer a brighter pink consider Resene Drop Dead Gorgeous.

December 2023

Q. We are looking for suggestions to paint the exterior of my house. We are thinking of the main colour as a white of some description and maybe then highlights of olive, navy blue or we are open to suggestions.

A. I suggest you lighten/brighten the exterior weatherboards to Resene Double White Pointer and contrast the windows, trims, barge boards and eaves with a crisp white such as Resene Alabaster – you can then add an accent such as a navy or olive green onto the front door in a gloss finish.

December 2023

Q. I'm interested in painting the walls of two studies and a guest bedroom in a grey colour. They are fairly dark rooms. The ceilings will be white. The floors will be tiled in Nextone Grey. Elsewhere in the house where there is a lot of light we are quarter strength Resene Santa Fe. Can you please suggest some grey paint colours?

A. The tiles appear to be a warm grey and since the rooms are fairly dark a warmer grey for the walls will appear cosy – try Resene Half Cloud or Resene Eighth Friar Greystone – if these appear to be too dark for you Resene White Pointer might work.

Resene Eighth Friar Greystone

December 2023

Q. I want to paint the outside of my house black but a lot of people tell me it's a bad idea, (holds the heat, will fade quicker than light colours and will need repainting again after a short time, and it's more expensive that lighter colours).

A. There is always a risk when painting dark colours onto certain substrates – such as weatherboards – because they are more at risk of heat related damage.

Resene CoolColour paint is an option as it does help with reducing heat related issues such as fading, if used correctly – there is more information on the Resene website regarding dark colours or the Resene ColorShop can discuss it with you to see if it is recommended for your project.

Darker colours can cost more depending on the base they are tinted from – your local Resene Color hop will be able to advise you of the difference in costs.

From a Resene Colour Expert point of view – dark colours can really make a statement and enhance/modernise many homes – for a little extra cost and preparation – it reality does depend on the design of your house and the cladding.

We are happy to advise you further on whether a dark colour will suit your house and is suitable for your cladding – if not – there are other ways to introduce darker elements, even if it means a black front door and fence for example.

December 2023

Q. We have lived in our house for 34 years and probably will look to downsize shortly but want to make the colour choice that suits the current house style. The current colour choice seems to work will and looks almost white in some lights but in some light conditions you can really see the Resene Zumthor and Resene Tasman colours on the pillars which is quite cool.

A. I suggest you deepen the roof to a popular, modern warm, near black – Resene Element.

I recommend eliminating Resene Zumthor and Resene Tasman as they are appearing cool toned which is not always the best option if you do intend to sell in the near future, therefore I suggest painting the pergola and columns the same colour – Resene Double Alabaster and lighten/brighten the exterior walls to Resene Merino.

Alternately, with the above roof colour you can opt to leave the main walls Resene White Pointer and paint the columns and pergola Resene Double Alabaster or Resene Tasman (eliminating the coolest tone which is Resene Zumthor).

December 2023

Q. What white should I put with Resene Half Blanched Pink in a hallway to paint the ceilings/architraves, etc? He thought a crisp white might be too stark but I am not sure. Could you please advise? I don’t want a yellowish white.

A. You don’t have to pair Resene Half Blanched Pink with a yellow white. I suggest Resene Double Alabaster or for less contrast Resene Half Sea Fog – however this might appear a bit grey in a hallway.

December 2023

Q. My son would like to update his bedroom. He is 15. He plans to move the furniture around, but he would like a dark/navy blue feature wall with grey on the remaining walls. The exterior walls are concrete blocks, which the previous owner made a sort of feature of by outlining the blocks and then continuing the pattern around onto the other walls a bit. There is a wardrobe with sliding doors which are an off white colour. I don’t really want to repaint the wardrobe doors if I can avoid it, so ideally we need a grey which will work alongside those. Would you be able to recommend some blues and greys you think would work in the space? It’s a downstairs bedroom and doesn’t get a huge amount of light, so a light grey would be best I think. The joinery is bronze aluminium.

A. Because it is a fairly dark room and you have bronze aluminium – I suggest choosing a warm light grey to pair with the navy feature wall. Try Resene Eighth Friar Greystone with Resene Bunting as the navy blue.

Resene Eighth Friar Greystone

December 2023

Q. We are planning on repainting a villa. It has a relatively new Ironsand roof. I am looking for paint colours for weatherboards and windows. I’m looking for a light grey/very slightly blue weatherboard colour and white windows. Do you think Resene Duck Egg Blue and Resene Alabaster white will go with Ironsand roof?

A. Yes Resene Duck Egg Blue and Resene Alabaster will pair with Ironsand. You might also like to try Resene Ted or Resene Half Gull Grey – both a bit greyer and look fabulous on weatherboards – although Resene Duck Egg Blue might work with Ironsand slightly better.

December 2023

Q. I am working on a palette for the exterior of my 80s Hardiboard home and I'm needing some help on combinations of colours. The house is one storey with quite a flat face and Silver Pearl joinery, but we're limited on LRV because of the material. We're surrounded by vegetation – including lots of red green leucadendrons in the front and coral-flowering hibiscus in the back, among others.

For the weatherboards, is Resene Dusted Blue a risky choice? I like the pop of colour with the plants around it. With this colour, am I better to go with Resene Black White or Resene Sea Fog on soffits/trim? For the foundation, I’m thinking Resene Wireless, Resene Armadillo or Resene Half Baltic Sea? When I replace my roof should I go with Grey Friars or Ironsand or something else.

Or am I better to go way more innocuous – something like Resene Atmosphere on the weatherboards?

A. I suggest a colour a little deeper than Resene Dusted Blue – Resene Baring Head. Consider using Resene CoolColour paint – this system will help with any heat related issues – more information on Resene CoolColour is available on the website or pick up a brochure at your local Resene Color Shop.

By all means test Resene Dusted Blue – it will pair with Silver Pearl – the reason I suggested a darker variant is because colours will appear quite a bit lighter outside.

For the soffits and trim I suggest Resene Half Sea Fog and for the base Resene Westminster or Resene Half Baltic Sea.

For the roof, I’d recommend Grey Friars.

December 2023

Q. I need a colour to paint to weatherboards on my house. We have had the roof painted in a Resene colour the wife liked and need to know a second colour for lower area. The local real estate said to paint it all the same. The decks and fences are Mission Brown and I thought a darker colour but am open to suggestions.

If the whole building is that same colour will it not look a bit odd with another colour for the remainder?

A. I would paint the house one colour – there is no reason to split the colour from the top to the bottom – whatever the weatherboard colour is on the top level weatherboard I suggest you paint that colour onto the bottom level weatherboards.

The fascias and soffit for both levels I suggest an off white such as Resene Half Sea Fog.

A lot of houses are painted one colour with the fascias and soffits a version of white – if you take a drive around you will notice this more.

December 2023

Q. I have a sunny room with lots of light and I’m putting in peacock or slightly bluer curtains. What’s a good blue or green that would go with the curtains and keep the room cool, such as Resene Periglacial Blue.

A. Resene Periglacial Blue or Resene Duck Egg Blue (a bit cooler) could pair well. You might also like to try Resene Emerge or Resene Robin Egg Blue for green options.

I suggest you take a sample of the curtains to a local Resene Color Shop and view the A4 swatches they have in stock – from there if the blues appeal, you can try Resene testpots as you really need to see the colours in the correct lighting.

December 2023

Q. I need to choose a colour to paint steps to work with red brick.

A. I suggest Resene Half Tuna as it will pair with the red brick.

December 2023

Q. I want to paint my grey colour asbestos clad batch in the Marlborough Sounds (that has never been painted) in Resene Sorrento and I’d like some advice on the best white paint that goes with this colour for the window trim and gables?

A. Resene Half Alabaster looks lovely with Resene Sorrento.

It will brighten outside quite a bit so perhaps try testpots of Resene Half Alabaster and Resene Alabaster to see which you prefer.

December 2023

Q. I am looking for a colour. The best match we could find with the existing colour was Resene Double Silver Chalice, however the paint we were trying to match appeared to have a sparkly, metallic finish. Do you have a paint, the same colour as Resene Double Silver Chalice but with a silver, metallic finish?

A. Resene have a metallics range that you can investigate with various standard colours like Resene Aluminium, Resene Silver Aluminium and Resene Silver Steel. This is a popular product for a shimmer finish. Colours can be viewed online (as a guideline only) or there is a colour chart, testpots or swatches available to order.

December 2023

Q. I am wanting a stain for marine ply that is being used for kitchen cabinets in very dark grey or black. What would you recommend? What sealant would you recommend for a long lasting, durable waterproof, low gloss finish?

A. The ply needs to be clean and dust free. I recommend to lightly sand to remove any ‘fluffy’ pieces using 220 grit sandpaper.

Apply Resene Colorwood in your chosen colour. Once you have reached the depth of colour you want, apply one coat of Resene Aquaclear gloss. Once dry, sand using 220 grit sandpaper to remove the ‘fluffy’ bits. Once dust free, apply three coats of Resene Aquaclear Satin. It is best practise to lightly sand between each coat to achieve a very uniform finish. Allow minimum three days before use for the varnish to harden. The coating will be susceptible to damage from harsh cleaners and strong knocks.

It is best to look at the Colorwood stains at a Resene Color Shop as they have samples on wood – the staff will be able to assist you with showing you the darkest options. You can view the colours online also,

December 2023

Q. I have used Resene Half Duck Egg Blue in two rooms and am wondering what colour I could use on the room between these two rooms that would complement the other rooms adjoining it. In both of the other rooms I have used white and black as accent colours for shelving and doors.

A. Try Resene Quarter Powder Blue, Resene Half Robin Egg Blue or Resene Half Emerge.

December 2023

Q. I’m looking at painting my house Resene Bokara Grey. What are your recommendations for the roof and spouting colour? I’m going to have to paint the roof but I am getting new COLORSTEEL® spouting? My windows/door are brown old aluminium which I think I may also paint. We have new sheds which we have done in FlaxPod Matt. We are in the country with natives and flaxes. We are going to be doing a stonework feature wall.

A. Consider Resene Element (equivalent to FlaxPod) for the roof and spouting – it will tie the house into the sheds and works with Resene Bokara Grey. The alternative is to go a little lighter such as Resene Ironsand for the roof and spouting but Resene Element is a more current colour.

If you are going to paint the windows then also tie them into whichever roof colour you choose – unless you want them to be highlighted in a much lighter colour – however be aware that if you are not painting the inside of the existing windows then you might want a darker colour for the outside so the interior and exterior look of the windows blend together.

Resene Bokara Grey will help to disguise the existing brown aluminium windows.

December 2023

Q. We are doing a small weatherboard house renovation. It will have new aluminium windows and ranch sliders in Matt Ghost Grey. What exterior colours will complement the roof, a new wooden deck and verandas?

A. For the weatherboards consider Resene Concrete and for the roof Resene Windswept (COLORSTEEL® TernStyle) or Resene Expedition (COLORSTEEL® Tidal Drift). Use Resene Woodsman Tiri for the decks.

December 2023

Q. We would appreciate it if you could help us with a colour scheme to paint our house. It is in desperate need of a makeover. The second story is cedar wood. We would like to get rid of the awful brown and green colours and modernise it a bit. And we thought a darker roof (charcoal or grey) would look good.

A. I suggest painting the roof a warm charcoal such as Resene Nocturnal.

To eliminate the brown and green existing colours I suggest painting these surfaces with Resene Half Fuscous Grey (walls) and Resene Double Sea Fog (soffit).

December 2023

Q. I have a NZ villa. The roof is COLORSTEEL® Sandstone Grey. I wanted the walls to be a white with grey undertones (a French grey, uplifting and cheerful), but the roof has a brownish cast. I need to find a white that works with the roof but still has that freshness, if that makes sense!

A. Resene Sea Fog pairs well with Sandstone Grey and looks great as an exterior white on villas. It will appear fresher outside without being too stark.

December 2023

Q. I am hoping you can help with some colour options for our architecturally designed unit and concrete wall. Our house cladding is painted in Resene Dune and some hardwood for a feature. The aluminium is FlaxPod as is the garage door.

We have painted upstairs in Resene Dune and now we have the downstairs concrete block that needs to be plastered with the colour added to it. I was thinking of keeping it colour Resene Dune which would match the house but a friend suggest I do a lighter colour. What do you think?

Also the entrance of the unit is under the deck and quite dark so I was wondering about a lighter colour on the back and side concrete wall just to lighten up that area? I’m unsure what colour would work? I have the entrance door a bright colour to add something to that space and identify it as an entrance door – it is aluminium colour Resene Aquarium.

Then there is the big concrete wall at the back which will be plastered and I’m not sure of the best colour for that. I want to hide it a bit as it is lots of concrete.

A. I suggest you do paint all the concrete Resene Dune – there is no need to change the colour as you have the darker garage door and joinery as well as hardwood, and an interesting architecturally designed house.

I understand the entrance to the unit feels a bit dark so consider Resene Eighth Masala or Resene Quarter Masala for the back and side concrete wall only.

December 2023

Q. We are looking at repainting the exterior of our house. It is a 60s weatherboard with a COLORSTEEL® Rivergum roof and gutters. We would like to repaint a light grey, keep the windows white, and have a slightly darker grey for the Hardie board around the piles. Do you have any suggestions for these greys that will work with the Rivergum roof? Should the gable ends and fascia boards match the weatherboards?

A. I suggest Resene Quarter Tapa for the weatherboards and gable ends – it is lighter and greyer than your current colour. For the fascias and eaves I suggest painting them white to match the windows. For the base consider a deeper variant such as Resene Tapa.

December 2023

Q. Can you please provide recommendations for a colour for our walls and ceiling (living room and bedrooms)? The house is 1920s with brown trim and doors.

A. For the walls investigate Resene Milk White, with Resene Quarter Milk White for the ceilings.

December 2023

Q. What colour should I paint our lounge and what wallpaper/or paint should I use for the main bedroom?

I have recently redone our kitchen and bathroom using Resene Sea Fog. But I think the coolness of Resene Sea Fog may not suit the lounge. Could I go warmer? Both rooms are semi open to each other. The lounge conservatory is being replaced with Titania aluminium. We are close to the beach in a 1950s small home.

A. It is tricky to go warmer with the semi open plan and the Titania joinery which is cool toned.

I suggest that you go deeper – so Resene Double Sea Fog or Resene Triple Sea Fog – this may help to bring the illusion of warmth as it isn’t so white and will still work with the beach setting.

What you dress the room with can make even cool colours feel warmer – lots of earthy textures help and the Resene Sea Fog family works well with muted accents.

For the bedroom I suggest painting all the walls a dusky green or blue such as Resene Half Emerge, Resene Duck Egg Blue or Resene Half Robin Egg Blue.

December 2023

Q. I'm trying to find the right colour white for exterior paint. The roof and doors are Resene Grey Friars and the weatherboards are Resene Misty Lavender but I'm trying to find the right option for the windows and doors.

A. Check out Resene Half House White – it will appear a bit brighter outside.

December 2023

Q. We have a 1900s cottage and are repainting the exterior. We are thinking of painting this as follows:

– Weatherboards in Resene Lumbersider Low Sheen in Resene Alabaster
– Windows/trims in Resene Lustacryl in Resene Double Alabaster

Could you please suggest a colour for the soffit and fascia? Is this usually the same as the windows and trims e.g. Resene Double Alabaster?

Also we are want to paint the veranda. We would like this a dark colour, something charcoal/black. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The roof is currently a charcoal colour. We are not repainting the roof at this stage. We will break up the colour scheme with a bright front door.

A. I suggest you keep the windows and trims the feature colour – Resene Double Alabaster only and paint the fascias and eaves Resene Alabaster. If you have bargeboards then I suggest painting these Resene Double Alabaster with the fascias then being Resene Double Alabaster as well, the eaves are generally Resene Alabaster, regardless.

Investigate Resene Baltic Sea, Resene Foundry or Resene Double Foundry for the veranda and look into Resene CoolColour paint for the veranda as it does get hot under foot and Resene CoolColour paint will help reduce heat retention – more information is available online or at your local Resene ColorShop.

December 2023

Q. I have Resene Half Tea on walls. What colour trim on skirting boards would go well? At the moment they are wooden.

A. Resene Alabaster or Resene Half Black White look good with Resene Half Tea. Resene Alabaster is a bit brighter where Resene Half Black White is a bit more muted.

December 2023

Q. We are really keen to use Resene Smokey Green as an exterior colour for our cottage but are keen to test a shade deeper. We note that Resene Smokey Green doesn’t come as double strength Resene Smokey Green so could you please suggest a colour we could test that is similar to what double Resene Smokey Green would be?

A. Check out Resene Middle Earth, Resene Jurassic or Resene Vantage Point – the latter is probably more one and a half times Resene Smokey Green.

Or you are welcome to contact a Resene ColorShop and they can arrange a sample for you of Resene Double Smokey Green.

December 2023

Q. We are looking to use a two colour scheme in order to modernise the look, with light and dark contrast or similar. On the main door, we were looking to use a bold colour like mustard or similar. We are happy to consider other colours to make it feel more modern.

A. By changing the weatherboard colour to a modern grey – this will blend into the roof better and really modernise the overall appearance – I suggest a softer contrast on the gable end (presently dark) and base of the house, including the planter – this will help to modernise the overall appearance.

I also suggest you paint the windowsills the same as the windows – a white and paint the same soft white onto the bargeboards and eaves.

The fascias and gutters can remain the darker colour and the chimney could be painted the same as the base and gable.

Try Resene Ted for the weatherboards with Resene Shuttle Grey for the gable (at the front of the house) chimney, planter and the base and Resene Black White for the windows and sills. Or try Resene Silver Chalice for the weatherboards with Resene Ship Grey for the gable, chimney, planter and base and Resene Black White for the windows and windowsills.

For the front door a brighter yellow such as Resene Wild Thing could pair well with either, or a colour such as Resene Violent Violet.

December 2023

Q. I have a 1970s weatherboard house and am getting it repainted. Currently it's getting stripped. The roof is concrete tiles in FlaxPod. The double glazing is done in a Silver Pearl and so are the gutters. The house used to be white. I'm looking for exterior colour ideas that aren't white. I like the looks of Resene Half Raven and Resene Raven and blue greys but am unsure if they will match or the contrast won’t be right as when the light hits my roof it looks more grey than black. What colour/s would you recommend for around the windows and exterior weatherboards?

A. All colours on an exterior look lighter due to the way the natural light strips back their depth.

I do feel a lighter grey will pair better with the roof and joinery in this instance – try Resene Stack, Resene Quarter Stack, Resene Triple Concrete or Resene Half Silver Chalice.

December 2023

Q. How can you use different paint products/sheen levels to do the same thing? What other factors should you consider to change the feel of a room, ie light, in this case bedding etc?

A. You can definitely manipulate the feel of a room with product and finishes.

Whether a substrate is glossy or flat and depending on the texture – affects how we see the colour – lower sheen levels create a more relaxed and casual feel, whilst higher sheen levels attract more attention and highlight details.

Lower sheens also reflect light evenly, whereas glossy paint can create a glare.

So if you are unsure about using a certain colour a lower sheen level might be preferable. Either way, consider having a variety of finishes in a room to keep it visually interesting, especially when you are working with a neutral or monochromatic colour palette.

Consider what lighting you need to add such as lamps to increase the lighting and to add ambience, and consider your light bulbs – if you love how a colour looks with natural light but your lightbulbs make it too yellow at night, find a different bulb – there are many options these days.

If you want to keep your wall colours white for a bedroom but are concerned the room will look uninviting or bland you can vary your whites but keeping to a cool or warm palette will make it easier to create cohesion, create a warm feeling by layering fabrics with organic texture and muted neutrals, adding rugs and bringing in a bit or natural timber to the room.

December 2023

Q. How can you use colour to change the look and feel of a room?

A. First decide what ambience you are wanting to achieve and how that fits into the design and function of the space. Look to the basics of colour – warm and cool colours and the undertones of neutrals, as well as the aspect of the room – if you want to lighten and brighten a bedroom with low light for example – then perhaps look at warmer mid toned neutrals rather than a brighter white which might just make the room feel bleak and non-inviting – sometimes it is best to work with the rooms natural ambience so keep it a moody and intimate space and paint it a deeper hue like navy with a warm white for the trims, rather than a stark white – the depth of colour and accents can also determine on how cool or warm the room feels.

December 2023

Q. I am looking to refresh the outside colours of my house. I want to change the red trim to charcoal. I am also changing out some of the windows to Vantage Windows. I wonder if you think this will look good and what charcoal tones you might suggest I look at.

A. Yes changing the red trims to charcoal will work well – investigate Resene Element and there is a match for the windows called ‘Matt FlaxPod’.

FlaxPod is currently a big seller in NZ as it was produced to suit most natural environments and works well with red brick and stain – and works in well with other colour palettes if the exterior scheme changes.

Perhaps ask Vantage if they can send you a physical sample of FlaxPod.

December 2023

Q. I want to paint interior of my house in more modern colours, I am after a Scandinavian look. I am also looking at replacing the floor.

A. A Scandinavian vibe is about light, open airy spaces and a neutral colour palette. I incorporates soft window furnishings and simplistic furnishings/objects.

Are you willing to paint your doors? The new floor won’t pair so well with the varnished timber – consider Resene Half Black White or warmer Resene Quarter Rice Cake for your doors and trims, ceilings and kitchen cabinetry (if you are planning to paint them). Another option for your kitchen cabinetry is to investigate into whitewash such as Resene Colorwood Whitewash – this is easy to apply and gives that scandi relaxed feel.

For the bedrooms consider painting the walls a soft duck egg blue or soft grey such as Resene Duck Egg Blue, Resene Quarter Powder Blue or Resene Triple Black White.

For the main areas you might want to consider a soft white such as Resene Rice Cake or Resene Black White – depending on the floor and what colour you choose for the doors etc. Lower sheen levels, such as Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen, will also give you that calming feel.

You might want to consider a simple pared down sheer for the master bedroom and more solid neutral toned curtains for the remaining rooms.

December 2023

Q. Please advise the best colour options for a red roof single storey flat and timber windows and door.

A. I suggest to really modernise the flat to paint it all one colour, except for the timber windows and door – Resene Tuna with Resene Black White for the timber door and windows. The windowsills will then become Resene Tuna so they don’t stand out.

It is effectively taking advantage of the features such as the fact the cladding can be painted a darker colour and having timber windows suits a soft white as the contrast.

December 2023

Q. I'm about to paint my hacienda house. I want it to be the colour of scorched cream. Can you please make some suggestions? The colour should be from a brown or neutral base, not yellow or green.

A. Quite often yellow is not always as yellow outside, if it has a brown base. You might like to investigate Resene Eighth Fossil, Resene Double Rice Cake or Resene Eighth Parchment.

December 2023

Q. I am painting two outdoor pergolas before the roof is fixed from a hailstorm we had last year. It was originally painted in a COLORBOND® colour 'Classic Cream'. The fences around the pergola and window shutters are also classic cream. Can you suggest a colour to paint the pergola to break up this dominant colour? My wife and I were thinking of a grey colour and tried a colour called Resene Dune. This seemed to be very light toned when sunny and didn't stand out.

A. Colours do lighten on the exterior due to the way natural light strips back their depth. You might like to try Resene Triple Dune or Resene Bokara Grey.

December 2023

Q. I am wanting to paint my bedroom a nice buttery white. I painted it a winter mushroom a few years ago and it is an awful blue/grey undertoned white. Do you have any suggestions on what colour will be good without the grey or blue undertone? I was looking at Resene Half Sea Fog

A. Yes Resene Half Sea Fog can work quite well in this instance, you might also like to try Resene Half Cararra or Resene Merino for a warmer option.

December 2023

Q. My son would like to paint a wall the same colour as the blue for the football team Tottenham Hotspur! What blue would be the nearest match?

A. Navy blue can look fabulous for bedroom walls, especially if you add accents/trims in soft whites.

Check out similar blues such as Resene Ocean Waves, Resene Bunting, Resene Midnight Express or Resene True Blue.

December 2023

Q. I'm needing to paint a small bathroom in white and wanted to know is there a different colour of white I paint the skirting board to the wall?

A. You can paint the walls and skirtings the same white – skirtings are generally a Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss finish so this will create subtle contrast to the walls, which are generally low sheen.

In a smaller room this helps to ‘open’ the space – but if you have ornate/deeper skirtings then sometimes it is nice to highlight them with a different white – depending on which white is being used for the walls.

December 2023

Q. Our current wall colour is Resene Eighth Truffle with Resene Alabaster white trim and ceiling. There is a board and batten half feature wall behind bed currently in a deep green which I would like to change. We are looking for a complementary colour to lighten up the feel of room. The carpet and base of bed are tones of darker grey.

A. See if Resene Tana, Resene Linen or Resene Half Linen appeal.

December 2023

Q. Our living room flows into the dining and then kitchen. We are thinking of painting the living room Resene Halcyon or Resene Half Halcyon but we are stuck on what neutral we should then do the dining kitchen area that will flow on nicely.

A. Resene Double Black White could work well – it does depend on any other adjacent colours in the kitchen, and how much natural light there is – a well-lit room is fine, if it is on the darker side you might want to use a slightly warmer variant such as Resene Triple Black White.

Resene Half Halcyon
Resene Halcyon

December 2023

Q. I'm keen for some colour advice to repaint an 80s house – brick, plaster, garage doors etc. The joinery is black. I like the idea of greys in different shades – I’m thinking a dark black stain on the front timber door and garage door and lighter-mid grey on the top plaster and am unsure of the brick, but I am keen to paint it as well. I was also thinking of a dark grey on the front wall?

A. I would be inclined to keep the plaster all the same – a lighter grey – this will be more cohesive or you are going to end up with five colours in total on the house – as you need to take into account the joinery and white gates.

Plaster is usually better with lighter colours – so I suggest the lighter grey spectrum and investigate using a Resene CoolColour paint – which can also help to reduce heat related damage.

For the stain – check with your local Resene Color Shop or painter with application and preparation, prior to applying the stain – Resene Timber and Deck Wash will help to remove some of the old coating so that a penetrating stain can adhere well.

Painting the front door and garage a black of sorts is also an option and could look stunning.

Grey combinations which might work for you are plaster in Resene Kensington Grey, bricks in Resene Baltic Sea and garage door in Resene Woodsman Pitch Black (wood stain) or Resene Double Foundry (paint).

Or for an alternative option, plaster in Resene Foggy Grey, brick in Resene Fuscous Grey, garage doors in Resene Pitch Black (wood stain) or Resene Black (paint).

December 2023

Q. Our new roof is COLORSTEEL® Grey Friars, and our windows Silver Pearl aluminium joinery, the house is red brick (mottled bricks) and now I need a colour for our wooden batten sunroom (second storey) which stands out in the street, which is currently a sad yellow. I would love a couple of options – one for bright colours, possibly oranges and one option for more muted ones perhaps greys/blues?

A. Resene Fire or Resene Half Grey Friars might work well for you.

December 2023

Q. What white should we use for our soffits and fascia boards? The roof is deep Karaka green and weatherboards are Resene Sandrift.

A. Resene Alabaster will work as a break between Resene Karaka and Sandrift.

December 2023

Q. We are getting a new roof put on in the colour Windsor Grey. Our window door surroundings will be Resene Grey Friars The exterior of the house is painted Titan White. We are wondering what colour to paint our front door?

A. A rich orange red like Resene Lusty or a deep green such as Resene Welcome would work well.

December 2023

Q. My walls are Resene Quarter Cougar, I want to paint hall doors leaving the trim white. What colour do you suggest? We are close to Resene Settlement, but wonder if there any other choices we should look at?

A. Resene Settlement works – but try Resene Rockbottom as an alternative – it is a bit warmer and inviting.

December 2023

Q. I want to paint two bedrooms, one in Resene Periglacial Blue and the other in Resene Eighth Lemon Grass. Can you please suggest a white neutral to paint the hallways connecting these rooms? Something warm that looks good with both colours but still light as the hallway can be quite dark.

A. Resene Half Bianca is a warm, light white which is great in dark areas.

December 2023

Q. The exterior of my house is being painted Resene Half Ironsand (CoolColour). I'm keen to paint my garden pots and deck furniture. What are the best complementary colours?

A. Burgundies such as Resene Volcano, burnt oranges like Resene Fire, deep warm blues such as Resene Billabong or a lighter neutral like Resene Quarter Masala.

December 2023

Q. We need to paint our home in Hanmer Springs and would like a CoolColour and it has to have 10-35% LRV for the walls and 5-20% for the roof. We are thinking about Resene Sonyx 101 tinted to Resene Double Foundry or Resene Gravel? We also like Resene Element and Resene Grey Friars but worry that Resene Grey Friars is not dark enough. We also need the colour steel spouting and downpipes to work with the colour.

A. All the neutrals you mentioned fall within the recommended LRV ratings – Resene Grey Friars included, however, Resene Grey Friars can appear lighter on a roof.

Resene Grey Friars and Resene Element can be matched in COLORSTEEL® and downpipes – Element is FlaxPod in COLORSTEEL®.

It comes down to personal preference – FlaxPod is one of the biggest sellers at present however and works with a lot of colour schemes.

December 2023

Q. I've painted two walls of my small lounge in Resene Crusoe. I’m not sure if it's classed as a warm or cool colour. I’m thinking of doing the rest in an off white or something else. What would work with it?

A. Resene Crusoe has a yellow undertone so appears warmer. I suggest Resene Sea Fog for the remaining walls.

December 2023

Q. What deck stain would match best our fence colour which is a Windsor Grey?

A. Resene Woodsman Crowshead would be the closest off black that will work with Windsor Grey. Investigate Resene CoolColour stain if you are going to use a dark colour on your deck, to avoid heat underfoot.

Alternatively, you might like to use a complementary grey wood stain such as Resene Woodsman Tiri.

December 2023

Q. What bright colour would suit a front door, and what potentially more muted colour would suit external Titan board, given the colour scheme inside? The internal walls are a variety of white, and Resene Aqua (including glass splashback in kitchen).

A. I feel the interior colours need to flow to the outside – plus lighter colours are recommended for Titan Board – a refresh is going to make a huge difference regardless. I suggest Resene Cloudy for the Titan Board and for the front door Resene Blue Lagoon.

December 2023

Q. Our roof and double garage doors are painted Resene Element. Our guttering and joinery is New Denim Blue but has oxidised to be greyer. Our house is two storey stucco. We want to paint the stucco a neutral off white colour.

A. To marry Resene Element and New Denim Blue (faded) I suggest trying testpots of Resene Triple Sea Fog and Resene Triple White Pointer for the stucco. Colours do appear lighter outside, especially on two storey properties, which is why I have recommended the triple strength.

December 2023

Q. I am going to repaint my house and need help to choose a colour to go with copper trims and white windows. I'm wondering about light (a version of whites) or dark colour options.

A. I suggest a modern grey white such as Resene Double Sea Fog. I suggest painting the garage door Resene Double Sea Fog as well.

Resene Double Sea Fog will appear warm or cool depending on what it is teamed with – I feel a warmer colour won’t work with the silver windows – I suggested painting the garage door the same colour – Resene Double Sea Fog – so that it works with the new scheme – so that it doesn’t stand out on its own as the feature. If you paint the eaves a different white, you have the opportunity to paint the garage door Resene Alabaster to match.

I suggest you try testpots before deciding on how you feel about the colours.

December 2023

Q. We have internal walls and trim currently painted in Resene Spanish White. We would like to change the wall colour but not the trim – ideally towards a whiter less yellow tint.

A. Try Resene Chalk Dust.

If you go too white or on the cooler side of the spectrum, your trims will look ‘muddy’ next to the wall colour – Resene Quarter Spanish White is another option as it is still going to appear less yellow than full strength.

December 2023

Q. We are using COLORSTEEL® FlaxPod for our roof and exterior joinery. It is a full sun hill property, hedge on three sides, bungalow with LINEA board. It has extensive decking around the house.

A. See if any of these Resene colours appeal: Resene Solstice, Resene Gauntlet, Resene Armadillo or Resene Triple Sea Fog.

December 2023

Q. I have recently painted the exterior of our house. The walls are Resene Quarter Stonehenge and window frames Resene Stonehenge. Our concrete has faded over the year and is a pale terracotta colour. Could you advise me on a dark grey colour, or another possible colour choice I could paint our outside plant pots? I was wondering about Resene Foundry or Resene Half Foundry?

A. Have a look at Resene Element – it is a soft black which has a bit more warmth than the Resene Foundry family and might pair better with your house scheme.

December 2023

Q. Please can you advise on a wood stain colour for the decking on the porch, steps and decked area outside of our house? The house is white, with a New Denim Blue steel roof. At the moment I haven’t put the darker blue on the front door.

A. Resene Driftwood pairs well with the white and blues.

December 2023

Q. Would Resene Double Merino or Resene Triple Merino be a good choice with a dining room ceiling painted in Resene Quarter Tea? The room has deep rimu skirting boards. There is lots of sun throughout late afternoon and early evening. The current paintwork is Resene Triple Tea on walls and Resene Quarter Tea on the ceiling which has looked good for the last 12 years.

A. The Resene Merino family might look too dirty next to the warm Resene Quarter Tea.

To complement the Quarter Tea, Rimu and for a dining room ambience I suggest you test Resene Sandspit Brown – which is a lot lighter than the current Resene Triple Tea on the walls but is a similar tone and will modernise the scheme. The alternative is to paint the walls Resene Half Tea.

December 2023

Q. We have a four year old LINEA weatherboard house which we are looking at painting with Resene Triple Friars Greystone. We are looking for a light (possibly white, grey or similar) colour to do around the window trim and corners of the house.

A. Resene Sea Fog pairs well with Resene Triple Friar Greystone – it is a versatile grey white which isn’t too stark, or you might like to try the slightly greyer Resene Double Sea Fog.

Resene Triple Friar Greystone

December 2023

Q. What colours go well for exterior weatherboards with a Pioneer Red roof?

A. I suggest you use a warm light grey such as Resene Double Concrete or Resene Half Silver Chalice.

I also suggest painting the posts and railings white such as Resene Half Black White.

December 2023

Q. We have just had our house painted in Resene Quarter Delta. Our roof and joinery are Ironsand. We need advice on what to stain or oil our large deck. We get a lot of sun especially in summer so dark colours don't work. I like the lighter colours like Resene Quarter Delta.

A. Try Resene Woodsman Iroko (stain).

If the deck has been previously painted then the timber will need to be prepped correctly and you might need to repaint rather than stain if the current coating is still intact. I suggest you investigate using Resene CoolColour stain – this will help deter the sun’s harmful rays away from the deck and the product is available in Iroko.

Woodsman Oil Stain (turps based) penetrates further and might be a better solution for you than a waterbased stain – it is available as a CoolColour version.

December 2023

Q. I have a bungalow with a COLORSTEEL® Gull Grey roof, and white trims. I am looking for suggestions of a pale blue, grey, hopefully with a warm brown base for the exterior walls. Can you help?

A. See if these blue greys (will appear bluer outside in certain lights) and warm greys appeal: Resene Eighth Tapa, Resene Quarter Silver Chalice, Resene Eighth Friar Greystone or Resene Half Gull Grey.

December 2023

Q. I am looking for the green colour that you see in fishing lodges, which shows off wooden fishing rods and other sporting goods.

A. Try Resene Welcome or Resene Top Notch. Resene ColorShops have a stock library of A4 swatches, staff will be able to assist you in finding the swatches in store to compare the colours.

Resene Top Notch
Resene Welcome

December 2023

Q. A project is using Resene Double Bianca on the walls. What ceiling colour would work with this? We thought Resene Half Bianca would look good but when painting the cornice it is almost luminous white?

A. Resene Half Bianca shouldn’t be too bright – I wonder if it is because you are painting the cornice only and once the whole ceiling is painted (including the cornice) it will be softer – two coats makes a difference to the depth of white also.

Alternatively, the option is to paint the ceiling Resene Bianca which will then tone in with the walls, so the effect will be the room having one colour, rather than a contrast.

Resene Alabaster is a popular ceiling colour – but it is a true white and will look a lot whiter than the walls.

December 2023

Q. What colour would go with an Ebony roof and ivory bricks to paint LINEA walls?

A. I suggest a warm smoky grey such as Resene Half Fuscous Grey, Resene Boris or a cooler grey such as Resene Baltic Sea or Resene Ebony Clay. Testpots are recommended – alternatively, Resene ColorShops have a stock library of A4 swatches which you can view outside while there to compare tones.

December 2023

Q. We are painting the inside of our holiday house. The old colour is a dark cream and some rooms are green. We wanted to make it a little lighter so chose Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream but it is coming up too white and looks the same as the ceiling and lighter than the doors/frames. We probably need to buy more paint in a different colour cream. We are hoping for a recommendation of colour. The lounge area in the house is exposed wood and we want the rest of the house to feel beachy and bright but still warm.

A. It will be difficult to go very light such as Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream or any other off white, without the doors appearing darker – so if you are not going to repaint the doors, and you want them lighter than the walls, then you will have to go deeper on the walls.

Try Resene Half Thorndon Cream, Resene Thorndon Cream, Resene Double Rice Cake, Resene Pearl Lusta and Resene Double Villa White.

December 2023

Q. I need some help choosing a pink for our hallway, in our character home which has high ceilings. It is about 1m wide x 4m long. I am dithering between Resene Blanched Pink and Resene Dust Storm. I have painted both on to pieces of cardboard and now I am worried Resene Blanched Pink might be too dark. I don’t want a sickly pink or a Barbie kind of pink. Would you be able to offer any advice please?

A. Resene Blanched Pink is definitely on the right track – I don’t feel it will be too dark as your house has strong character and high ceilings to carry it – other options are more beige pink tones which will give that level of sophistication with a hint of pink.

See if any of these Resene colours appeal as other options – Resene Bone, Resene Pearl Bush or Resene Contented.

Any paler and you do run the risk of having a pretty pink rather than a sophisticated neutral with a hint of pink.

December 2023

Q. We’ve used Resene for two properties and now we’re onto our third which is way bigger than the others. It’s a shed on a farm with raw concrete walls. We want greens – a few shades starting one end with green blue going to middle with green then to other end with green yellows. The area to paint is about 600m. We want the colours to match the grass and the surrounding bush. We’re open to your colour expert ideas and suggestions. We LOVE Resene paints!

A. Try these hues which should work well for you – Resene El Paso, Resene Seaweed or Resene Log Cabin.

December 2023

Q. We are getting our house repainted. The existing colour is Resene Half Napa. We'd like to have something similar, but slightly greyer in palette. The windowsills and doors etc are Resene New Denim Blue.

A. The softer greys can look great with Resene New Denim Blue – try Resene Half Delta, Resene Quarter Arrowtown or Resene Triple White Pointer. I suggest using Resene Alabaster for the soffit.

December 2023

Q. We have painted a cedar house with Resene Woodsman Silvered Grey. What colour, lighter than Resene Silvered Grey, will complement it for areas of exterior wall adjacent to the cedar and below it?

A. Lighter variants which might suit are: Resene Iron, Resene Half Grey Chateau or Resene Ted.

December 2023

Q. We have chosen Jacobsen Havanna Oak 696L vinyl flooring for our bathroom renovation and would love some advice for paint colour on the walls. The flooring is a greige woodgrain, and Resene Quarter Perfect Taupe looks excellent with it, but we feel it may be too dark on the walls. Can you suggest an alternative in a lighter shade and with the same slightly pink undertone?

A. Try Resene Quarter Truffle or Resene Eighth Tea.

December 2023

Q. I have had my soffits and barge boards incorrectly painted white when they should have been Resene Half Merino. Does it look much different? I understand a number of paint colour experts specify Resene Merino maybe as it is not as stark as white?

A. Yes correct – Resene Half Merino is not as stark as white – so there is quite a bit of difference between Resene White and Resene Half Merino – however, Resene White works with a lot of schemes, so it depends on the colour scheme of your home to whether Resene White pairs well.

Your eye will tell you if it is not sitting well – or you are welcome to send a photo to us to check for you.

December 2023

Q. I would like help to choose paint colours for the exterior of my 1920s character bungalow in New Lynn. The roof is dark grey (forgot the exact name) and this will remain. I am listing the property in January so am painting it to sell. I think the current colour scheme is Resene Stonewall on the walls and Resene Pearl Lusta. I have no idea what the current trend is for this type of property and would really appreciate your assistance! I don't know whether to repeat the same colours or do something different!

A. I feel your bungalow needs to be a lighter, fashionable scheme and basically changing the order of colour – so the windows, including the sills and frames (currently Resene Stonewall) to be Resene Alabaster (white), the door frame, bargeboards, fascias and eaves to also be Resene Alabaster – this highlights the features of a bungalow that people are drawn to.

For the weatherboards – try Resene Triple White Pointer which is softer than Resene Stonewall. I suggest painting the base and the gable end Resene Triple White Pointer – this will be cost effective as well as modernise the overall look.

December 2023

Q. I'm ordering a bathroom vanity with a custom colour finish. The colour I want is Resene Quarter Rivergum but they need the code for it and I can only find a code for Resene Half Rivergum. Is there a Resene Quarter Rivergum?

A. Unfortunately Resene Quarter Rivergum is not a standard Resene colour – the bathroom vanity supplier will need to contact Resene and organise a custom match – this can be done via a local Resene ColorShop, depending on what the product is they are using.

Alternatively try Resene Xanadu which is similar to what Resene Quarter Rivergum will look like.

December 2023

Q. I have bronze joinery, I want to paint my roof, what colour would match? I would like to do my fences and front steps the same colour.

A. If you want to match the joinery – as in a similar colour – Resene Lignite or Ironsand from the Resene Roof Systems Chart, will work, and are available for fences and steps. On steps – a darker colour can be hot underfoot – so consider Resene CoolColour paint for the steps – this is where more of the sun’s harmful rays are reflected away from the colour/substrate, reducing heat absorption, while the colour looks normal.

December 2023

Q. We want to paint the nursery blue with black white trim. We are a little stuck on colour. I’m looking at a medium blue. Not too dark, not extremely light. Our other bedroom we went with Resene Spanish Green so are looking for something that evokes a similar calm feeling.

A. See if any of these Resene blues appeal: Resene Blue Moon, Resene Bermuda Grey, Resene Bali Hai, Resene Botticelli, Resene Nepal or Resene Upside.

December 2023

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