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Here's a taste of some of the Colour Expert questions and answers to help you with your own colour scheme.

If you would like more colour advice for your project, please ask our Colour Expert for help or come in and see our staff at your local Resene ColorShop or Reseller. Colours are a representation only.


Q&A   p. 106

Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.

Q. I am tossing up between colours and I am unsure what to go with and or what parts to paint what colour. I want a blue/green tone with white accent. I can’t decide between Resene Emerge or Resene Hermitage. I am trying to stay away from painting it grey like everyone else. We have white aluminium windows so would like to match these but maybe not stark white. We also have a garage door to paint and are unsure what colour to paint that. White or the main house colour?

A. Blue/green hues always look very timeless on weatherboards and are a great choice if you're looking to inject a touch of colour. Resene Emerge and Resene Hermitage are very elegant colours and I would also suggest trying Resene Duck Egg Blue. As for the timber joinery, whites such as Resene Double Alabaster and Resene Black White will deliver a crisp, white look without being too stark. Continue with your selected blue/green hue on the body of the garage and complement with a charcoal such as Resene Foundry on the door.

August 2021

Q. We have a California Bungalow and the previous owners put in modern doors which we have removed and replaced with original bungalow doors but I am struggling with what colour to have them painted. Our house is painted Resene Armadillo. I want the front door to pop a bit but still be looking like it sits well with the other colours.

A. For a strong impact, I would suggest Resene Foundry tinted into Resene Enamacryl gloss. Alternatively, try Resene Atomic or Resene Rebel.

August 2021

Q. Our whole house has been previously decorated with Resene Spanish White and Resene Double Spanish White on the windowsills. We have wooden polished floors mixed with a pinky fawn wool carpet. I'm finding that even with colour accents (pillows and wall pictures) it's just too bland. Can you offer me some other colour that I can paint our dining area which will go with Resene Spanish White? The dining area and main lounge are separated by an arched wall which you can see both rooms.

A. A navy such as Resene Safehaven would look incredible in your dining room and will complement the Resene Spanish White lounge. It will enhance the beautiful natural timber and create a strong base for your colourful artwork. Alternatively I would suggest the restful Resene Triple Duck Egg Blue or Resene Xanadu.

Resene Safehaven

Resene Triple Duck Egg Blue

August 2021

Q. I have a new build and am looking at interior paint - my floors are polished concrete. My top picks are Resene Sea Fog, Resene Wan White and Resene Rice Cake. Which is warmest, coldest and which primary colours are the tint so I can plan furniture colours?

A. Resene Rice Cake would be your warmest choice with its crisp, creamy undertone. Resene Wan White and Resene Sea Fog follow closely after with their subtle hint of warm grey. All of your options are versatile and have the ability to work with a variety of coloured furniture and décor. You may like to pair Resene Rice Cake with rich terracotta, blanched pinks or inky blues. Or pair Resene Wan White or Resene Sea Fog with fresh natural greens, rich timbers and deep charcoals.

August 2021

Q. We are looking to freshen up the dated interior of our kitchen/living area. At this stage, we don't want to change the cabinetry or the joinery. We need to find a white for the walls and a colour for the carpet which would work with cabinetry that is similar to Resene Sandspit Brown and joinery which has a cream undertone, similar to Resene Pearl Lusta. There are also tiles that have both greyish/blue and cream/beige flecking. We are keen to move away from the yellow/beige and were thinking of trying to pull out more of the grey/blue by using something like Resene Half Concrete or Resene Wan White. Any suggestions of other whites to try would be appreciated.

A. I would suggest trying Resene Sea Fog, Resene Wan White or Resene Half Athens Grey. These soft, grey hues will modernise your space and their subtle warmth will be sympathetic to the existing brown/cream tones. You could certainly explore shades such as Resene Half Concrete but keep in mind that this may make your cream joinery stand out in contrast.

August 2021

Q. We are trying to find a light sage green. Can you please suggest some good options?

A. I would suggest trying Resene Peace, Resene Bud or Resene Pumice.

August 2021

Q. I am looking for a suitable white. We have medium grey carpet with tan couches. Our room has lots of natural light. We want a colour that we can use in the living kitchen and hallway. The hallway and kitchen are rather dark but the living has a lot of natural light. The kitchen will be redecorated with soft grey cabinets and good tapware and handles etc.

A. I would suggest trying Resene Merino, Resene Half Sea Fog or Resene Alabaster.

August 2021

Q. I have a workshop with a corrugated COLORSTEEL® exterior. The colour is called FlaxPod. I have to use a Resene colour from the British Standard colour prescribed by the Council. Can you give me the name of the closest colour to what the Council will accept?

A. I would suggest Resene Birch or Resene Maire. Click here to view the Resene BS5252 colour range.

Resene Element (equivalent)

August 2021

Q. Which greens would go well with Resene Hot Toddy without looking too much like an Australian green/gold theme?

A. I would suggest trying Resene Family Tree, Resene Rivergum or Resene Half Tana.

August 2021

Q. Our house has been painted Resene Black Haze right through. We have wallpaper we don’t like on a feature wall in the lounge and on a feature wall in the master bedroom.

We want to repaint the feature walls in a colour that will complement Resene Black Haze and create a warmth in these areas. Which colours would you suggest?

A. Resene Black Haze is a very versatile neutral. For a warm, neutral approach, I would suggest Resene Triple White Pointer, Resene Double Blanc or Resene Truffle. For a touch of colour, I would suggest Resene Sunbaked or Resene Artisan.

August 2021

Q. What is a warm white (for walls, ceiling, window and door frames) that will work with kitchen cabinets in Resene Quarter Silver Chalice and Resene Double Silver Chalice? Resene Rice Cake has been suggested to me. The house is a 1930s bungalow.

A. Resene Rice Cake is a soft white with a subtle creamy tone which would certainly complement your Resene Quarter Silver Chalice and Resene Double Silver Chalice cabinets. Alternatively I would suggest Resene Merino or Resene Quarter Rice Cake.

August 2021

Q. I am interested in a colour to paint weatherboards that would complement a Grey Friars roof/gutter and Silver Pearl joinery.

A. Grey Friars and Silver Pearl are both very versatile colours. For a classic, neutral look I would suggest trying Resene Merino. Alternatively for a touch of colour, try Resene Duck Egg Blue.

August 2021

Q. I’m looking for a midnight green and grey combo for my room. I want to make the colour/atmosphere an ambient peaceful kind of vibe.

A. I would suggest pairing Resene Atlas with Resene Double White Pointer. Alternatively, pair Resene Family Tree with Resene Silver Chalice.

August 2021

Q. We are painting our house exterior and have done the windows and trims in Resene Black White. Can you suggest what colour to do the weatherboards? I would like them slightly darker than Resene Black White to contrast, but not too stark a contrast, and would like to stay in the grey family.

A. For a subtle approach, I would suggest Resene Triple Black White. Alternatively, try Resene White Pointer.

August 2021

Q. I have a 1900s villa with a high stud that I am renovating. I want a white that is warm, brightening and modern and not a white that is cool or which will cast shadows. The room is of medium size with high stud and has a medium grey carpet. While it isn’t a dark room, it doesn’t get flooded with natural light due to it being street facing and having to have privacy blinds/nets. I’d like to have the trim and windows the same colour. I have testpots of Resene Alabaster, Resene House White and Resene Quarter Black White but I’m still confused as to the best choice. The Resene Alabaster looks bright so that the Resene House White looks grey hued besides it.

A. Resene Alabaster is a classic white and will look beautiful on your timber trims. It's difficult to compare colours side by side as you're right, they do influence each other and, in this instance, Resene House White is appearing quite grey. You're also comparing the whites against your current blue/green colour which will make the whites appear brighter in contrast.

While bright whites will certainly brighten up your street facing room, they won't necessarily bring the warmth that you're after. Resene House White has a subtle warm grey tone that is versatile with a variety of décor. I wouldn't suggest Resene Half Concrete as this has a cool, silvered blue undertone.

For further warmth, I would suggest trying Resene Merino and Resene Half Rice Cake.

August 2021

Q. We have four double garages we would like to paint. We are looking for something light to help with visibility as there is no natural light when the garage doors are shut. What's your recommendation? We have just sealed with concrete primer as it's a block base.

A. Resene White Pointer is a soft neutral with a subtle hint of black. Resene White Pointer will brighten the space without making it appear too stark. Alternatively, I would suggest Resene Rice Cake for further warmth.

August 2021

Q. I am trying to decide what colour to paint stairs, a small deck and the garage door. The rest of the house will be Resene Pavlova and Resene Cumin (small area), white fascias and soffits.  I have considered Resene Raven and also thinking about Resene Baltic Sea.  Do you have any suggestions?

A. Resene Baltic Sea is a nice option, one of my favourites for a neutral based grey, and it works beautifully as a decking colour. Alternative colours to try are Resene Chicago and Resene Tuna

August 2021

Q. When painting a window that swings outward on hinges, what colour should the frame edge along where the hinge line be? Our window frames are yellow on the outside faces, white on the inside and the surrounding area to which they are attached is blue. So which colour which you apply to the face or surface of the window frame that has the hinges attached... blue, white or yellow?

A. I would suggest painting the frame edge along the hinge line white. That way when it's completely open the window will appear all white from the outside.

August 2021

Q. What is a good roof/barge board colour to go with Resene Quarter Friar Grey on the weatherboards and Titania on the windows?

A. I would suggest trying Resene Grey Friars, Resene Gauntlet and Resene Squall.

August 2021

Q. We are looking at painting our house from the original greens to black with white windows, I'm keen to hear if there are any other colour combinations you believe would be better suited.

A. would suggest a smoky, black hue to complement your natural façade. Resene Ironsand CoolColour and Resene Bokara Grey CoolColour will deliver a rich, black statement with a subtle brown undertone. Pair with a crisp white on the joinery such as Resene Double Alabaster.

Alternatively, nestle your home into its natural environment and explore the shade Resene Half Forest Green paired with Resene Quarter Ash on the joinery.

August 2021

Q. We have recently purchased a house which has a Pioneer Red coloured roof and we want to repaint the whole house. Personally I do not like the colour of the roof, but as its only 6 years old my husband won’t consider painting it, which is fair enough. But I am at a loss as to what will work nicely with this roof and modernise the current 'dated' look? I like grey/white colour schemes like Resene Double Stack or equivalent, but am worried that this won't suit the roof? Am I better to stick to a cream/beige colour scheme if this roof is to stay? I would also love some advice on whether to highlight the exposed rafters or to keep it all the same as the weatherboards?

A. I think ultimately by limiting the colours used this will give a modern look, one colour for the weatherboards and one for the window frames. A grey scheme can definitely still work with a red roof.

For the timber weatherboards you could try Resene Double Stack, Resene Double Silver Chalice or Resene Foggy Grey.

August 2021

Q. We have recently moved into a home 100 metres from the beach and are trying to create a casual beachside home. We have panelled a wall with Vj boards and are unsure what colour to paint the boards?

A. Vj board feature walls are a nice way to introduce texture and interest. Depending how much you would like the wall to pop out, you can opt for more of a neutral colour and allow the texture to stand out. Or for more a pop of colour, you could try Resene Mantle, Resene Triple Duck Egg Blue, Resene Liberty, Resene Madison, Resene Blue Smoke or Resene Foggy Grey.

Resene Triple Duck Egg Blue

Resene Liberty

August 2021

Q. We are painting our small mid 70's 2 bedroom unit with Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream for the interior walls. The bathroom and kitchen fixtures will be just ‘standard’ white. We were thinking about painting the rear wall of the toilet a different colour just for some visual interest. It is a very small plain room with only natural light from the skylight. I am considering Resene Kangaroo, Resene Half Lemon Grass or Resene Moon Mist and would appreciate your insights? Also I assume the best ceiling colour will just be Resene Ceiling White?

A. Resene Kangaroo, Resene Half Lemon Grass and Resene Moon Mist are all beautiful colours that would complement your Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream walls and white fixtures. It now just comes down to personal preference. You're welcome to paint your ceiling with untinted Resene Ceiling Paint or opt for a white with a light, blackened edge such as Resene Alabaster.

August 2021

Q. I want to paint my back fence - I am having pleached titoki trees put in front of it for added privacy (they are going in at 2m high and will let then grow about 1.5m above fence). As the section is very thin, I want to create an illusion of it not being so narrow as well as looking good against the trees. My house is mainly a dark charcoal stain with one white plaster wall and my fence out the front is stained a dark charcoal too. I was thinking of an off white originally for the fence to break it up but then read that makes the section appear smaller and darker is best. I thought perhaps Resene Bokara Grey or Resene Nocturnal? You can see the front deck/fence from the back deck and vice versa.

A. Resene Bokara Grey and Resene Nocturnal are both great options. I would suggest Resene Nocturnal as that extra bit of depth would link well to your other deep hues. Alternatively I would suggest staining your fence with Resene Waterborne Woodsman Sheer Black.

August 2021

Q. We are currently building and the exterior of our home will be a mix of plaster and stria. We have used COLORSTEEL® FlaxPod for the roof and will use a similar dark colour on the stria feature and silver pearl joinery but I am struggling on what white to use. On our previous house we had a Resene Double Alabaster interior which we loved but it has been suggested Resene Double Black White might work better with our colour scheme. Any suggestions for a white that will not be too bright but also not too grey?

A. I would suggest trying Resene Sea Fog which has a subtle hint of grey. It is deeper than Resene Double Alabaster but not as grey as Resene Double Black White.

August 2021

Q. Please advise what colour I should paint my front door. The outside colours of the house are Ironsand and Titania. The style of the house is contemporary. The inside wall colour is Resene Rice Cake and I want to create a light, airy and modern feel

A. For a seamless look, continue Resene Titania onto your front door. Alternatively, Resene Half Friar Grey will offer a subtle contrast and Resene Artemis will offer a refreshing statement.

August 2021

Q. We are deciding on external colours for a cluster of buildings which have black aluminium joinery and white timber joinery. We are looking at off white walls and a green roof, perhaps using Resene Black White and Resene Aquamarine. Is there a more logical combination?

A. Resene Black White and Resene Aquamarine would complement your black aluminium joinery and white timber joinery. Alternatively I would suggest pairing Resene Merino with Resene Canyon for a sophisticated look.

August 2021

Q. We are doing a total renovation of interior paint, carpet, lino, kitchen and don't know where to start! The joinery is cream coloured and is probably the only thing staying. We will probably go for a wood grain vinyl in the kitchen and possibly white cabinetry if it won't look foul with the joinery? We're thinking we'd like to paint one colour throughout. The house is generally north facing and sunny. We are looking for something fairly neutral for future sale and our own enjoyment in the meantime. We had no idea there were so many whites. We'd love some expert advice and some options for walls, ceilings, skirtings etc.

A. It's important to consider the joinery when selecting your new colour scheme. Some whites will make the joinery stand out in contrast if they're too grey or white! I would suggest trying neutrals such as Resene Albescent White, Resene Quarter Wheatfield and Resene Eighth Sisal on the walls. Pair with Resene Half Rice Cake on the ceiling and timber joinery. As for the kitchen, I would suggest a white with a subtle cream tone as well. Take your paint swatches in and discuss with your kitchen specialist.

August 2021

Q. What charcoal colour goes with New Denim Blue spouting and guttering on a house exterior? Brown aluminium compounds problem of needing a colour that is not too grey and not too brown.

A. I would suggest trying Resene Foundry, Resene Baltic Sea and Resene Double Cod Grey.

August 2021

Q. I like the idea of a lavender grey (floor) to go with Resene Consuela (feature wall). I also need some help with a cream or similar for the opposing wall (this is for a hallway).

A. I would suggest pairing Resene Consuela with Resene Solitaire, Resene Half Villa White or Resene Cararra.

August 2021

Q. For our exterior we are switching to New Denim Blue (bargeboards, similar to the roof) and Resene Half Sail for the main weatherboards, using Resene Sonyx 101. I am not sure about the cornerboards, upper detail criss-cross boards, and windows. We want these white, what whites would work well? Can we just use plain white, as I think the windows are currently Resene Lustacryl White?

A. Your colour scheme sounds lovely! Yes, you could use Resene White or if you wanted something with a small amount of tint, Resene Quarter Alabaster is also an option.

August 2021

Q. Our fence is in Resene Woodsman Pitch Black stain and our house is in Resene Thorndon Cream with white trim and some blue around some window frames and door ledges. What should I do the posts and gate in?

A. My suggestion is to either paint the post and gate both in the white to tie back in with the white timber windows. Alternatively paint the posts in Resene White and the gate in Resene Thorndon Cream.

August 2021

Q. I am wondering whether to paint the top 80cm and ceiling of a sloping bathroom a very deep matt sapphire blue. The tiles are up to 2m on the wall, white on two sides and grey terrazzo, with that blue in large flecks, on floor and back wall. The bathroom has a sloping ceiling and is 1.64m x 3.95m (white tiles on longer walls). There is one window, a glass panel in the door and a solar tube light going in. I’m not sure what it will do to the room... make it seem bigger, smaller or just interesting!

A. A sapphire blue would highlight the blue flecks in your tiles and would make a beautiful statement. Dark colours can create the illusion of a small space but as you are contrasting against the light relief in the tile and plenty of white features, I wouldn’t be concerned that you're making the space too dark. Sapphire blues such as Resene Aviator, Resene Bondi Blue and Submerge would bring a luxurious feel to your bathroom.

August 2021

Q. We want to repaint the roof on our 1960s weatherboard and corrugated iron house. The weatherboards are painted in Resene Linen and have a few more years left in them, so we want a roof colour that will go well with that. What colours would you suggest?

A. I would suggest trying Resene Grey Friars, Resene Mid Grey or Resene New Denim Blue.

August 2021

Q. We are in the process of painting our art deco house in Resene Delta. The roof is in Ironsand along with the front door. Our concrete steps and house trim (at back of house) will be in Resene Half Ironsand.

We have an art deco decorative feature on the front of the house near the top that we would like to stand out a bit. What colour would you recommend for the art deco decorative feature? I think using Resene Half Ironsand would be too much of a contrast and wondered if a monochrome effect would be better.

I wasn't sure if Resene Double Delta would provide enough of a slight contrast though. What do you think? Are there any other colours that could work?

A. I would suggest trying colours such as Resene Double Stack, Resene Tapa and Resene Gunsmoke.

August 2021

Q. I want to repaint our house’s exterior. The roof and garage are both Pioneer Red, as well as the front door. What are your recommendations for exterior colour? And should the soffit colour still be white and the downpipe colour white or the same as the exterior colour?

A. I would suggest trying colours such as Resene Triple White Pointer, Resene Blanc and Resene Ecru White to complement your Resene Pioneer Red roof, garage door and front door. Continue Resene White onto your soffit and fascia for a modern look and paint your downpipe the same colour as your weatherboards.

August 2021

Q. I have just painted a bedroom in Resene Half Beryl Green with white accents. I would like to add a dusky pink but I'm not sure.

A. Dusky pinks such as Resene Shilo would work beautifully with Resene Half Beryl Green. Try upcycling some old furniture with Karen Walker Chalk Colour from Resene ColorShops or introducing soft pink fabrics into your bedroom for energy and warmth.

Alternatively, pair Resene Half Beryl Green with deeper greens such as Resene Smoky Green or a brooding navy such as Resene Safehaven.

August 2021

Q. We are painting the exterior of our weatherboard 1950s house. The leading contender is Resene Casper for the weatherboards, and we want some advice about what colour we should paint the concrete base of the house. We are looking for a deeper or darker colour than Resene Casper to create a bit of contrast, but we are wanting the weatherboards (in Resene Casper) to be the feature so we don’t want a colour that will compete with Resene Casper or is too dramatic. Our roof colour is New Denim Blue, but it is a flat roof and is not very visible so it doesn't play a big part in the colour scheme.

A. Assuming the house is one level on a flat section, the concrete base would be standard minimal height. If this is the case, look at Resene Quarter Fuscous Grey. This is a dark grey charcoal that complements and is a great contrast with Resene Casper. A small amount of this dark colour at ground level will work very well.

It the house is two levels with more concrete base to it, then look at Resene Sea Fog. This is an off white, and also works very well with Resene Casper. This is a very good bridging colour, allowing Resene Casper to stand out by itself without competing with another colour.

August 2021

Q. I am renovating my bathroom and have Resene Periglacial Blue for the walls. I also have Resene Rice Cake and was going to paint the windows, ceiling and a new cavity slider door with this, plus of course the door jamb (both sides). Is this a good combination for a south-facing room? The shower is large (900x1200) with two white walls and silver trim and the vanity is white with woodgrain sides. There is a mirror cabinet with white surrounds (won't see much white). The flooring is a vinyl tile in a stone colour. I love the blue and white idea and the rest of the house is neutral colours. I would like to do two Roman blinds in a textured white as well.

A. I think Resene Periglacial Blue and Resene Rice Cake will look fantastic. Resene Rice Cake will provide a soft warm contrast. The great thing about Resene Periglacial Blue, is that it still feels neutral enough to work with other colours. Perfect if you want to add colour with your towels etc.

August 2021

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Colours are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.


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