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Hotel De Brett
Toast to the twenties

To recapture the Art Deco spirit of the ’20s the fluted ceiling panels... more
Club Tower fitout
It’s all white

Streamlined simplicity is the order of the day for modern office interiors... more
Monochromatic colour scheme
Visual continuity

To provide visual continuity in the remodelled villa, the designer specified varying depths... more
Resene Coastal Blue painted glass splashback
Blue horizon

New homes are invariably designed to provide a seamless link with the outdoors... more
Seaside home
Of sand and seashells

To provide a durable finish for this beach house the designer specified Resene paints... more
A claming neutral colour scheme
Calm and comfortable

To create a calm and comfortable ambience, colours throughout the house were chosen... more
The former Devonport Post Office
Before and after

To enhance the 1930s Art Deco tradition of this former post office building, the heritage consultants... more
Karen Walker range of colours
What's hot?

The talents of New Zealand's top designers are not restricted to the catwalk... more
A Resene Desperado colour-backed splashback
Strength and subtlety
Interior paints on the project were chosen for strength and subtlety of hue... more
A Resene Desperado colour-backed splashback
Fresh approach

The artful use of colour can transform a kitchen. For this project, introducing a warm red... more
Warm, neutral paint shades were specified to emphasise the European-style architecture

Warm, neutral paint shades were specified to emphasise the European-style architecture... more
Yealands Winery
Enlivens the interior

Colour plays a significant role in the interior design of the new Westpac head office... more
Yealands Winery
Green - from the ground up

Sustainability has influenced every aspect of the Yealands Estate Winery... more
balinese styled boutique resort
Behind the scenes

Providing a high-quality finish to the interior was another priority for the design team... more
Unconventionally decorated bathroom
Silver screen

Bathrooms, by virtue of their small size, are ideal subjects for unconventional design solutions... more
Resene Paints add colour contrast
Colour contrast

The play of light and dark elements adds drama to this interior, painted in Resene colours... more
Resene products are used throughput this home
Fine skin

The house boasts a fine skin as well as strong bones – paint surfaces on the exterior... more
Minimalist office space
Respecting yesterday today

To successfully update the colours of a character building accommodating today's tastes... more
Resene Colours for a seaside holiday home
Colours of the seaside

Many of the best holiday homes are designed with simplicity in mind... more
Karen Walker range 2009
What's hot?

The talents of New Zealand's top designers are not restricted to the catwalk... more
Resene Waterborne Woodsman CoolColour paint
Keeping cool

To keep this Lockwood show home cool in summer, the dark timber exterior is stained in... more
Smith Bar
Sense of nostalgia

The choice of colour is a critical part of any interior design decision... more
Dunedin Airport Terminal Building
Flying high

Every aspect of the new airport is addressed in terms of long-term aesthetics... more
Eastgate Community Centre
Flying colours

Understated interior colours were chosen for this community trust centre... more
Resene neutrals
Views centre stage

To allow the views to take prominence, wall colours were chosen from a neutral palette... more
A mix of Resene Paints light and dark neutrals for a tropical ambience.
Light and dark

Both the house exterior and the interior colour palette, a mix of light and dark neutrals... more
Resene Paints in neutral hues for a country house.
Tonal and transparent

Designed to catch the light at all times of the day, this new country house... more
The Fisher & Paykel Appliances Auditorium at the Auckland Business School is painted witha bright Resene hue
Colourful people

Students are colourful people who often come from all walks of life... more
The new Grand Atrium building in theAuckland War Memorial Museum
Lasting memories

Museums, like many other public buildings, are subject to a fair amount of wear... more
Matakana Cinema Complex
Star billing

Designed to reflect the rustic charm of this small beachside community... more
Resene CoolColour technology
Time for a cool change

Everyone knows dark colours absorb the sun's rays - but there is a way around... more
Green Star New Zealand rating system
Ecology focus

An important aspect of the Green Star New Zealand rating system is a focus on low-emission materials... more
Resene AquaShield mineral effect
Good looks for years

To ensure the exterior of the Heards building will retain its good looks for years... more
Kids Bedroom Colours
Come out to play

Strong-willed, excitable and opinionated - today's kids know just what they want... more
A close to nature colour scheme of Resene colours
Close to nature

With more and more homes designed to provide an easy flow between inside... more
Imaginative use of colourful resene hues
Imagination produces colour

"With the brush we merely tint, while the imagination alone produces colour"... more
Earthy Resene hues
European character

To retain the European character, natural earthy tones were specified... more
Warm and inviting colour scheme
Warm and inviting

Wall surface finishes were central to creating the warm, inviting look... more
Spacious airy interior
Shades of white and cream

Shades of white and cream were chosen for the interior walls and ceilings... more
Crown Roller Mills building
Heritage preserved

Restoring the Crown Roller Mills building was not only about preserving... more
Resene Zylone Sheen VOC Free paint
Green by nature

Respecting the natural environment is a priority for most architects and designers... more
Resene Canterbury Clay adds visual warmth
Warm by degrees

Colour plays a significant role in determining the ambience of your home's interior.... more
Ambience and colour
So long as it's green

Choosing the right paint for your renovation project is not just a question of colour... more
Queenstown Airport
Track record

Achieving a pleasant working environment that will hold its aesthetic appearance... more
Tranquil bathroom
Colour therapy

Modern bathrooms are all about taking time out to relax, which is why colour... more
A bright red wall, painted in Resene Roadster
Power dressing

With a high-profile corporate company, there is an expectation that the office fit-out... more
Resene paints reflect the company's long-standing commitment togreen products
Green by nature

Ecologically sustainable options are a key consideration for any project today... more
Resene Tea
Defining moment

To contrast the cool, white sculptural look of these freestanding fixtures... more
Subtle to bright colour schemes
Light versus bright

From the subtle to the adventurous - these homes showcase two different approaches... more
Wall statement
Wall statement

First impressions count as much in design as in everyday life... more
Fashion magazine
Whiter shade of pale

To create this flagship office the architect specified textured layers of white-on-white... more
bright colours have been selected for the paintwork on walls
Proud Pasifika

In keeping with the Pacific theme, bright colours have been selected for the paintwork on walls... more
Kwila stain
Go with the grain

Whether you are staining new timber or rejuvenating an old deck, Resene Kwila Timber Stain... more
Berkeley cinema
Texture and colourplay

Texture and colour play a significant role within the Berkeley cinema complex... more
Colours and patterns in this new kitchen can be changed whenever the family chooses
Personality plus

Mixing materials is a popular design trend. But it is colour that will really set off... more
Inner Sanctum
Inner sanctum
Colour is one of the most dramatic ways to transform your home and a distinct... more
Puke Ariki museum
Colourful past

The new Puke Ariki museum in New Plymouth is enlivened by a palette of... more
Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly

Architectus required environmentally friendly, easy care paint surfaces... more
Two new office fitouts
Bright outlook
Two new office fitouts highlight the difference colour can make... more
Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path
Safe under foot

You can keep non-skid surfaces safe in all weathers with Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path... more
Looking lively

Now you can appreciate the durability of a low sheen enamel and the benefits... more

Colour has been used to create a strong sense of permanence for the new building... more
Auckland Hospital
Looking brighter

Colour has a significant impact on the way we feel.  For the new Auckland Hospital... more
a crisp, modern aesthetic
Light enhancer

To enhance the light, open interior spaces and create a crisp, modern aesthetic, the living areas... more
Italian-style home features
Pride of place

This well-appointed, Italian-style home features a striking exterior and a warm interior … more
Character study
Character study

Whether you prefer the subtle approach or a more lively look, Resene paint colours... more
Back to nature
Back to nature

Schist columns and Resene Waterborne Woodsman enhance the natural look… more
Natural selection
Any colour

Projecting the right image is important. But many firms are equally concerned… more
Dressed for success
Dressed for success

From the supply of paint on set to the refurbishment of the Embassy theatre... more
Bright ideas
Bright ideas

New paint types, colours and a computer software program are all designed to help you... more
In harmony with its surroundings
Colour your thinking

When you want to inject a little spice into your décor, but are unsure where to start... more
Cafe scene
Café scene

Bright colours and metallic looks that hint at the technology on hand.... more
Colour cues
Colour cues

Muted smoky tones, neutral greens, metallics and warm reds are some of the new colour directions... more
Post office
It's in the post

Auckland's refurbished and repurposed former Central Post Office... more
Auckland City Hospital

The new Auckland City Hospital has expansive glazing, landscaping and colour... more
Resene range
Colour with influence

The colours we choose to decorate our homes affect not only the look of the interior... more
Power play
Power play

An emphasis on ease of living won the interior design award... more
Special effects
Special effects

Many designers and homeowners are looking to add visual interest and texture to surfaces... more
Resene Zylone SpaceCote
Sheen without shine

No need to sacrifice durability to achieve a low sheen paint finish. Resene Zylone SpaceCote... more
home exteriors to paving, courtyard walls
Coat of many colours

From home exteriors to paving, courtyard walls and decorative accessories... more
A claming neutral colour scheme
Colourful cuisine

With the right paint selection, your décor can be as inviting as the meals you serve... more
Yealands Winery
Hot hues for all seasons

Whether you want to enhance a natural look or splash out with vibrant colour... more
Yealands Winery
Colourful personality

Warm safari colours add vibrancy and impact to this new home featuring Resene paints... more
Striking interiors are not hard to achieve
Collected work

Striking interiors are not hard to achieve, but you do need to co-ordinate... more
Mod Pod beach house
Beach outlook

To accentuate its Pacific Rim design philosophy the Mod Pod beach house features... more
LiteRock Solid Plaster System.
Stately and substantial

A home, designed for family living, is clad with a LiteRock Solid Plaster System... more
Colour for all seasons
Colour for all seasons

Outside surfaces usually exposed to the elements makes your paint selection... more
True colours
True colours

Neutral shades may be popular, but bathrooms can also benefit from a splash of colour... more
Plimmerton cottage
Plimmerton by the sea

This cosy seaside cottage is transformed by new colours from Resene and furnishings... more
new metallics and special effects
All that glitters

Create a sense of drama for your interior, with new metallics and special effects... more
Heritage hues
Heritage hues

Bold colours introduce a sense of drama and intimacy to both the formal living room... more
Ever popular white
Ever popular white

Eden Homes specified Resene paints for the home, both inside and out. ... more
Black and white
Black meets white

The exterior features Linea weatherboards painted with Resene Lumbersider in Black... more
pohutukawa red cabinets and black island
Local flavour

From the light-grey floor and ceiling to the pohutukawa red cabinets and black island... more
Resene Livid Brown feature wall
Beat the heat

Never mind that the house is black - the wood stays cool, thanks to the reflected heat... more
Sense of space

Perhaps the most immediate impact of the various Nuffield Street interiors comes... more
Les Mills
Work out

The design of the Les Mills Hutt City gym called for vivid feature walls indoors... more
Light and breezy
Light and breezy

Not all whites are created equal. Along with subtle colour differences... more
Home theatre
Sense of theatre

Accent walls can make a strong visual statement in your home. Resene Volcano... more
Resene neutrals
All strengths

Formality was achieved inside the house with a simple, neutral colour scheme. One colour... more
Santa Barbara
Light is right

Light, neutral wall shades create a simple background for the timber detailing that is featured... more
Passion and potential

A pleasant working environment that will continue to look good for years to come... more
Wwaterfront setting
Anchored in place

To complement the home's waterfront setting, a light neutral paint... more
Backdrop with stripes

The neutral white and charcoal surfaces make a good backdrop for artwork... more
Kwila deck tain
What a difference

Before and after pictures tell the story. This weathered deck was transformed... more
Cool kitchen
Fresh clean lines

Designed as part of the overall living space, this kitchen features colours and finishes... more
Green Star New Zealand rating system
Colour to brand

Colour plays a significant role in product branding throughout the British American Tobacco... more
Auckland's Myhart boutique
Dark art

Black may be the ultimate chic colour when it comes to the world of fashion... more
Laid-back lifestyle

Interior designers deal with colour and movement all day, so it's not surprising to hear... more
Gallery style
Gallery style

There is nothing straightforward about the colour white. From off-white shades... more
Multiple of surfaces
Multitude of surfaces

A multitude of surfaces throughout the house required finishes that... more
Swimming pool

Swimming pool halls, where chlorine is used, are tough on any paint surface... more
Warm and inviting colour scheme
European influence

The European villa influence doesn't just stop at the door of the Coatesville home... more
Team BMW

Interior fitout of the Team McMillan showroom was largely dictated by BMW Germany... more
Picture of warmth

To enhance the feeling of comfort in the Village Rialto Cinemas in Newmarket... more
Resene Zylone Sheen VOC Free paint
Strategic choices

As with every other aspect of the home's construction and finish, strategic paint choices... more
In the zone
In the zone

In keeping with the overall theme of interesting, low-maintenance finishes.... more
Colour for all seasons

It's not just the flower beds that command attention at this park - a Chinese pavilion... more
Queenstown Airport
Life is a cabaret

Bold colour provides plenty of dramatic impact for this kitchen... more
Tranquil bathroom
Which white?

There's little doubt white is a good colour to use as a backdrop to an art or furniture collection... more
Set the scene
Set the scene

Dressing a room is not just about design - it's also about colour... more
Dramatic neutrals
Dramatic neutrals

Colour is one of the simplest and most dramatic ways to influence the ambience... more
David Jones building
Back from the brink

This heritage-listed David Jones store is once more resplendent... more
Lyric theatre
Dramatic restoration

Protecting New Zealand's heritage buildings is an ongoing concern for city and regional councils... more
your next interior design project
Pastures green

One the best ways to gain a little inspiration for your next interior design project... more
Kelly Tarltons
Surface appeal

The interior of the Kelly Tarlton Underwater World hub comes to life with sheeny... more
Manakau Institute
For years to come

When the Manukau Institute of Technology's 100-year-old NA block was extensively... more
Weathered decks
New lease of life

While most people choose decking timber for its durability, this doesn't mean your deck... more
Zingara Lodge
Looks inviting

Everyone needs to escape now and then, which helps explain the rise in the number... more
Sky Hotel
The sky's the limit

For the spacious entry lobby and cocktail lounge, architect Gordon Moller says... more
Colour can make a strong statement
Strong statement

Colour can make a strong statement - both inside and out... more
Matapouri beach house interior
Sit back relax

Simplicity is the essence of a relaxed holiday. To enhance the streamlined... more
Mount Maunganui beach house
House by the sea

Light, neutral shades will always create a relaxing backdrop for a house by the sea... more
American Express offices
Dynamite note

Colour is a simple and successful way to add a dynamic note to any office space... more
Totara Lodge Is Decorated With Resene's Eco-friendly Paint
Eco friendly

From the early removal of lead in its paints to the introduction of waterborne enamels... more
With the right design it’s possible to recapture all the magic of a resort holiday
On permanent vacation

An idyllic resort holiday is a sure way to shake off the winter blues. But it can have another beneficial spin-off... more

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