Habitat magazine issue 9 - summer 2008/2009

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Outdoor seating A seat in the sun
As a nation obsessed with the outdoors, we just love relaxing outside, entertaining with friends at home, and hanging out with the kids in the garden. That's why the concept of the outdoor room or living space has really taken off here; and with this lifestyle trend has come a proliferation of outdoor furniture options to suit any tastes, home style, and practical requirement... more
Sustainable Building book Book boosts eco building
A new book on building sustainability is the first comprehensive publication of its type in New Zealand. The issue of environmental sustainability has now moved from fringe to a central position of public concern. It is estimated that that building sector uses roughly half of the energy generated in this country... more
A feature wall with a difference Boxing clever
Want a feature wall with a difference? Take this designer's lead for a fun tile-look treatment. The wall sits between the house's living area and the kitchen, and is actually made up of 88 separate 6mm-thick mdf 'tiles', hand-rolled in various Resene colours. Marty, Gerard and Anna devised the colour scheme using Resene... more
A very colourful kitchen colour scheme Breaking the colour mould
Ask Sue and Bevan de Berry to describe themselves and they'll probably say conservative. Which is why the new kitchen/dining space of their Wellington villa comes as such a surprise. 'It's fun seeing visitors' jaws drop when they see the renovation for the first time,' laughs Sue. 'They're struck by this colourful and innovative space that's quite 'out of the box' for people like us'... more
Award programmes have a special place in our design professions Celebrating the best
Award programmes have a special place in our design professions. Antipodeans are known for their innovation - a fact no more aptly displayed than in Graham Lane's award-winning house designed for the O'Learys. Innovation and excellence would mean little, however, if that frock, holiday home, or council playground wasn't displayed through awards programmes that let the rest of the country stand back and admire... more
Choosing and using a real estate agent Choosing and using a real estate agent
When it becomes tougher to sell your house, having a good real estate on board is a necessity. A couple of years ago, you could sell a house without too much trouble and within a couple of weeks. Now that the market has gone flat, sellers have to be far more competitive to make their home stand out from the crowd. The solution? Get a great real estate person... more
The Range 2009 Colour trends - nature leads the way
As we yearn for more natural surroundings in this hi-tech world, rich warm colours and cleaner hues are emerging. Resene's recently launched The Range 2009 helps celebrate the trend. As we come to the end of our love affair with minimalist interiors, decorated spaces underpinned with rich warm colours will be emerging as the new trend for coming seasons... more
Marcia Scott, artist Colourful people - Marcia Scott, artist
Artist Marcia Scott uses an unusual yet practical canvas for her colourful artworks. After two decades of creating artworks for walls, Marcia Scott decided she wanted a new type of canvas. She came up with the concept of a stool which, at 500mm tall, also works well as a little table. 'I like to think of them as artworks for the floor'... more
Michael Smither, artist Colourful people - Michael Smither, artist
Well-known artist Michael Smither has literally captured the colour of sound in a recent exhibition. In radiant Resene colours, big, bold, bullseyes pulse out from the canvas like sound waves. The longer you look, the meticulously painted concentric circles turn and vibrate with a compelling energy... more
kids can paint up old pots to make funky herb planters DIY Kidz
Give old pots a new lease of life with funky colour. Then fill them with herbs to add extra zest to your family's meals... more
Painting a timber house DIY painting tips - on the outside
The simplest way to transform the look of your house is with a coat of paint. Here's how you can do it yourself... more
Balinese influenced garden East meets west
When it came to creating a garden for their new home, Tony and Deb Wilson were inspired by a recent trip to Bali. Their aim was to merge the experience of a Balinese resort holiday with a simple, down-to-earth style of architecture. 'We wanted to create a tranquil environment, to emulate some of the ambience of Bali using water, tropical plants'... more
a makeover scheme for a backyard Get a life
An exposed expanse of lawn on this lifestyle property cries out for some designer attention. We asked landscape designers Tania Barke and Sam Lockie to come up with a makeover scheme for the garden. While both enclosed the space - one with tall hedging and the other with a wall - the looks are quite different... more
The New Zealand appliance rating programme Hard truth - stars in your eyes
Look around any appliance store and you'll see fridges, washing machines, driers, all emblazoned with star stickers. What do they mean and are all stars created equal over time? The New Zealand appliance rating programme is the brainchild of the e3 - a joint venture between New Zealand's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and the Australian Department of the Environment... more
Gender differences in colour perceptions He says, she says
When it comes to gender differences, it's not all pink and blue, as Karen Wardell found in her casual survey of colour perceptions. She wants one colour, he wants another. We've all heard them discussing it in shops and on the street. That one word, 'colour'. Everybody reacts to it; that it should conjure up so many images and stir up our emotions remains one of life's mysteries... more
Habitat readers questions and news Hey Habitat
Habitat reader views and news... more
Planning and designing a laundry Laundry love affair
The forgotten room no longer, laundries can not only be serviceable but beautiful spaces. In generations gone by we treated our laundries seriously, making them a large and practical separate room. Then we went through a phase of thinking they could be crammed into a cupboard. Thankfully, laundries have regained their status... more
Lockwood EcoSmart homes Locking in the eco look
Ask any New Zealander for a word that's synonymous with solid timber homes and chances are they'll say Lockwood. So it was a natural progression for the iconic building company to launch a new range of EcoSmart homes earlier this year to address increasing concerns about climate change, and the impact building and construction has on the environment... more
 My favourite colours - Sian Jaquet
Sian Jaquet is the host of TV3's recently screened new show, The Big Stuff. She is a professional life designer with a wealth of experience gathered from across the world and shares her thoughts on colour... more
New products, places and ideas for the home Off the shelf
New products, places and ideas for the home... more
Sea blues are the perfect colours for summer Out of the blue
From moody azures to delicate duck-egg and vivid sapphire, sea blues are the perfect colours for summer. Calm, relaxing, refreshing, cooling - as the colour of the sky and sea, blue stands for peace and tranquility. Blue stands for loyalty and tradition - it's one of the most popular colours for uniforms... more
Colourful hawkes bay home Out of the box
This creative award-winning Hawkes Bay home is a dynamic blend of shapes, materials and colours. Some people build homes that are basically a series of joined-up boxes. They're scared of doing anything different because they are more concerned what people will think rather than how they want to live themselves. So says Greg O'Leary, who counts himself luck to have broken the mould... more
Easy-to-use raised vege garden Step by step - raise it up
Join the grow-your-own movement by making this easy-to-use raised vege garden complete with built-in tomato or bean rack in seven easy steps... more
A space saving ensuite Space saver
Here's a conundrum - how do you squeeze a full bath, shower, toilet and basin plus storage into a long, skinny space just 1200mm deep, without the bathroom seeming poky? For Dave Strachan of SGA, the solution was obvious. 'You use a removable wall'... more
The trend is for more colourful decorating schemes Three looks.. go on!
Bored with beige? Try something a little more adventurous in your home. Three interior designers lead the way. Alasdair Hood of Jasmax is a fan of mid-century design, particularly the furniture of the period made from rich grainy timbers such as Teak and Walnut. It was a natural extension, therefore, to choose a graphic colour scheme reminiscent of that time... more
paint picture frames to cordinate with your colour scheme Tips and tricks - frame it!
Grab some Resene testpots, a selection of old and new frames, and get painting to create a co-ordinated look for your precious photographs and mementoes. Once you have decorated your frames, it's time to decide how best to fill them... more
two villas are converted into one Two into one
In a project its owner describes as 'lunacy from a number of perspectives', two old homes have been expertly melded into one. It's an ambitious renovation project that has kept the neighbourhood guessing for six years. David Melrose and Bronwen Allen took two adjacent houses on one of Auckland's busy main roads and made them into one. David calls it his 'anti-property development' project... more
Innovative uses for paint and paint buckets When is paint not paint?
Just when you thought paint was just for… well, painting, we've come across some innovative uses for it and the vessels it comes in. As children we're told it's bad behaviour to scribble on walls with pens. Just when we've learnt to control those creative flourishes, a product comes along to satisfy the wild child in us all. If you're at a presentation at JTB Architects in Nelson, don't be surprised when someone grabs a pen and starts scrawling on the walls... more
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