Habitat magazine issue 2 - winter 2005

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An elegant Georgian-style kitchen A Georgian feast
Crafting classic furniture is Sefton Powrie's special talent. His wife's Sarah's is designing interiors. Together, they created an elegant Georgian-style kitchen that suits the traditional look of their renovated villa and yet has all the functionality demanded by a modern lifestyle... more
Prevent paint pollution of waterways All washed up
You've just finished painting your bedroom with waterborne paint. Although you'd like to sit bit and admire your handiwork, the paintbrush and roller need to be rinsed off. Where do you do this?... more
Buying artworks Art speaks louder than words
Know a little about art, but perhaps you're not confident about your judgment? Do you feel intimidated by the whole notion of buying an original piece of art? Forget the fear factor - it can be fun. Original art can also be a very good investment... more
Hints for designing bathrooms Bathrooms made easy
For most of us, a bathroom does not serve a purely functional purpose. It can provide a sanctuary in which to linger and reflect while we wash away the cares of the day. A bathroom can also be a place in which to quickly revitalize and refresh ourselves... more
A passionate artist Chez moi - A passionate life, Meghann Stewart
Artist and mother Meghann Stewart freely admits she is meticulous - even obsessive - about most things. Meghann has adopted a very disciplined approach that sees her painting three days a week in her Kingsland studio... more
Ian Bowman, conservation and heritage architect Chez moi - history in three dimensions, Ian Bowman
Although he's renowned as one of New Zealand's top heritage architects, in many ways Ian Bowman considers himself first and foremost an historian. It's just that for him, history comes alive in the structures people have built, much more than through books or old newspapers... more
Creative chandeliers Chez moi - The art of living, Sharon Finn
Sharon Finn is a working mum and that's the way she likes it. For 10 years, while husband Neil was making music, she was closeted in the garden shed following her calling as an artist... more
Choosing a painting tradesman Choosing and using a decorator
So you've chosen to get someone else to help out with your renovating. Just remember that correcting a bad paint or papering job can be difficult, expensive, time consuming and more hassle than it's worth. The key to success when using a decorator is to choose a good tradesperson... more
Standards for home heating to prevent air pollution Cleaning up our act
Home heating has become a primary source of air pollution in many urban areas. One of the new national environmental standards that came into force last October looks set to change all that... more
This season's hot colours from Resene Colouring by numbers
It brightens and inspires our world, can sway our thinking and influence our moods. It reflects our tastes, personality and style. Where would we be without colour? So, the question is, what's hot this season?... more
Kids activities with colour DIY Kidz
Activities to keep little hands busy - quiz, word find, colouring in, jokes and projects plus... more
Renovating a 90 year old villa Doing up a villa - The hard way
Liz and Paul Gallagher bought their 90-year-old villa, situated on two acres of farmland at Dairy Flat outside Auckland, 12 years ago. Little did they realise that their vision for the house would literally be turned around 180 degrees... more
Indoor/outdoor living areasflow Going with the flow
A well-designed garden pathway is like a good friend, leading you confidently through the landscape and ultimately brining you to a clear destination. Directing visitors to the front door was just one of the objectives of the garden. Another priority was to create a private and welcoming space... more
Resene staff answer questions on interior decorating Hey, Habitat
Habitat answers reader questions about decorating... more
new innovative home living products Off the shelf
Innovative products new to market... more
The history of Resene Paints Resene - History in the painting
As with all great success stories, Resene's stems from humble beginnings. One day, back in 1946, Eastbourne builder Ted Nightingale faced a dilemma. Needing an alkali-resistant paint to protect his concrete buildings, but with nothing available on the commercial market, he set about developing his own... more
Colour for children's bedrooms Room to grow
When your children wake up, what do they see? Careful consideration of colour, style and quality can make children's bedrooms fun and comfortable now, and adaptable for their needs and wants as they grow older... more
Wood efffects paint finish Step-by-step - Creating a wood-effect paint finish
Turn boring and dreary window frames and furniture into smart woodlike features with seven easy steps... more
Resene EzyPaint virtual painting software Step-by-step - Virtual painting with Resene EzyPaint
Learn how to virtually paint your home in nine easy steps using free to download Resene EzyPaint virtual painting software... more
New home decorating products Testpots
Find out what new products have recently been launched into the decorating market... more
The way you dress a window can greatly influence the style and character of a room Window dressing
The way you dress a window can greatly influence the style and character of a room. Blinds, for example, offer clean lines and a contemporary look, while curtains contribute softness and warmth... more
Our architectural heritage Your home your castle
What kind of home do you live in? If it's older, how does it fit into the timeline that is our architectural heritage?... more

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